Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe

. Girls! learn to get to know, or just brushed the misery of men!

Most women fall prey to the vile, do not force anything about men. genetic wastes of women acquire two methods: 1, the financial situation (there is no money to grow) since productivity szeriti relationship ...... money is taken as a secretary to the boss. Alternatively, the primitiveness of woman ....

2, lie to her, a man who is a favorite of women, giving false information to the woman that you familiarize yourself with it, you hate the man. so the female love disappointments. then frustrated NÖT wants to comfort her ....

these men did not force anything.genetic defect, these men are not very successful female author tricks ...

But how can you get to know a valuable man?

Rule of thumb:
1, only genetic defect acquaintance, and you can pick up a weak female character ...
2, the woman initiates, be sure that it is not a whore.

 3, but smartly Initiate, looking for a suitable location. semmikepp not the street or open space, there are only primitive, folk new to the bottom

4, be pretty, do not like a whore, and verb-minded yourself. Tass doing normal hair and become intelligent.

5, say, an inert thing. Drink a drink with him, but do not get drunk. Speak thou, just a fucking var offer

6, go home with him, and if you feel the emotions, lie down with it .... a good male is not stupid, it will not be waiting for you for months. but only when her lie down if you want. if you do not let your buttocks.

7, Do not tell your girlfriends, you do not want to sleep with you all. because we overpower you jot mondsz or bad, when it


If these rules are followed, your life can be for the first time, will also orgasms.

If not, it will be good for me, an old, bald, fat man can.

The last, and no one can steal it from you. Then other precious women, enjoying life instead





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(Betty, 2016.12.30 14:17)

fantastic dises films......


(Petra, 2016.12.30 14:14)

fantastic dises videos....


(Petra, 2016.12.22 16:00)

ja, nur 1 zingioners, senden nach strasse Frauen. nur dises zingioners Problem, und Frauen primitive...

Girls primitive, and gypsy... only this problem