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betrug, Arbeit unfalle freiberg

 betrug! Arbeit unfalle freiberg! Und bis heute ich krank. Meine lohn nicht bezahlt ungarn Hungary Bau Inwest firma 1114 budapest meszoly g. U. 4 . 1 em.

árbeits gericht nicht unterzuchung... keine zweit gericht....  diskriminirung...teror, corruptio, .........


A mappában található képek előnézete betrug! Arbeit unfalle freiberg!


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hitler ende....

(wee....we.....we, 2016.09.24 23:05)

Hitler was one dirty Gypsy
Hitler's your problem. hitler a small puncture genetik animal. It is likely police. ... power was always teased because only a small puncture Geeta. Now it's toxic to the Roma people as a rat. d ... Son of a bitch
Hitler die ...
Hitler's mother, You better person.
slut who was just around the corner. primitive to exterminate the German people .. I put into it will gain something in the water line, make her sick. They Therefore it is to look like a pig. Roma made it to the nitty all diseases. helps to catch and kill them. Do not repay this lousy Roma .... it's a rat, one creeping worm. ... ell as to tread ...


(xy, 2016.09.20 20:50)

Two countries where difficult it if intelligent man. 1, Hungary, where the bottom of Hungarian folk, primitive, head, vile people, authorities cheats, corrupt, women are selling themselves for money .. another country to Germany. no to the parasite in the world, because it robbed East. The primitive men, women and bloated, do not force anything, men are sick, or malware. leader, corrupt, and parasites. the German state, parasitic whole of Europe, they live well, and other countries ... because poverty is primitive parasites than the state. however, the church, and assists organizations in Germany only decent. schweiz just a real good life, or Belgium, and other countries var again, if familiar, and the Austrian ... get into a malicious, cowardly people, 1-2 respectful exception. No work they did not give me anything ... you win, people abroad, your quality, or schweiz America ... you are not a thief, no parasites, no drinking, no impotent, no disgusting ... it's wrong to german and Hungarian are leading you. Because they are deformed animal, genetic disabilities .... can do about this fucking mother, the genetic Handicapped their father, but they do not know that's human nature, destroys all existing intelligence .... all creatures, which happy or smarter than they are. Orban kidnapped the other 5 million Hungarian money, and Hungary, only 5 million Hungarians, but they are rich, of course, the other 5 million Hungarians there's money ... your money .... 80%
I want you to close the Hungarian and German police segitsenek you ... the people we are trying to do something ... like 1919, 1939, 2016


(1 freunde, 2016.09.09 14:46)

Habe 1 ziungioner Mafia in Budapest, rufen mich aus 003612980852 Telefone number. Das 1 Ungarn Mafia Firma... Bitte helfen micht. FBI, oder CIA ausmachen dises Firma. Danke schoon... Oder arabic, oder anderen mensen,,,,


(Polizei wien, 2016.09.09 10:26)

wien Qualität. zimmer. romanishe mensen gestollen, Ungarn halbe idiot, anderes moglichkeit habe keine..... gutes Qualität. als 1 Balkan Hotel alles. kostet frei essen 99% Toxin alletrgen material. das wien. das wien Mafia... ich glaube fill Business men will 1-oder-2 Cent inwest nach wien...