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birtday.. todey

It was a birthday today: Wien West Balkans: whore; PEOPLE ::: value in this rundown of the city had no :::: clubbed cruel, vile and city .... i hope we find as soon as possible, america, or auszträlis or the Benelux countries, home to normal, because it is the quality, not to force anything. .. wine bottle teat pull themselves after them you, junkie idiot, bitch, Barka who can get ... this is not my world, my life was all for it .... I hope god avenge, Vienna's circle stances people to such vile, inhuman I tit dirty ...If by chance, would half-Wien, football fans, the West Bahnhof round ments .......... Do not forget to teach people a little bum-bum-bum

Even with all the women who takes money ....

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idiot europe

(idiot, 2016.12.30 14:24)

I want to wish you happy just born welcome-day ... woo ... I do not want that I can not ... I mean, I do not want anything. But I'm beautiful?

yours birthday

(we, 2016.12.18 19:40)


(wir, 2016.12.18 19:35)