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caritas action

I urge people to Caritas, Church, Christians and other organizations, 0 for zero euros refer to pass. Caritas worked in turn give a dry bread than what they are giving a lot million. I do not know my patient to lie down during the day, while Caritas workers take home thousands of euros before Christmas ... a family life, relationship sex suitable place is heaven can not be just a fascist dictatorship. O AT euros refer to Caritas, until I do not get 2ooo euros monthly income than employees. Accommodation and normal. Vienna go to town, let's look at what the eyes have it .... just to support themselves Austria and Hungary it is valid, so he shook Caritas and Church, Christians try to help ... just a thief in the Austrian family, and the whole of Europe and the world stupid condones ....
Wien does not support the operation of mafia who poison the people and trying to get the money. poison to them and not take the money themselves .....


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