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caritas wien:::

caritas. Criminals, tits you, junkies, a favorite hideout, assisting the local name of a run ... if you're a junkie or a no-less amazing people, the Caritas gladly give you to eat. of money it does not. steal or rob, but money does not. If you're a cultured man, committed suicide rather fly, Caritas, the greatest enemy of civilization. White table, a person in a room, European-treatment is not provided. The bread there is fucked on the table, no one party is junky crap chewed, the other half of the alcoholic one, and in Vienna and all European citizens will pay it because there are ... human right to have a mother kurtva. Kene beasbol bat handle every junkie and dirty rabble. but Caritas in trouble. Caritas adjusts the teat I needs your help. We Demand a teat, a bed, some food, and that's it .... all dirty, smelly, only the bottom of folks there, bitch, nobody, drug and stem OTHER tits you. Caritas, you could do the whole earth to destroy civilization. so the priests be able to control the crowd'm dirty tits who gets bread is a good man who does not, is condemned to death for ... caritas employed thousands of people. 4-5 is only for general school. It came largely different continent, the British new toilets them .... what on earth will not be destroyed civilization, the maximum caritasz destroyed, and the tit you, you die .... the verb-minded people in Europe, there is no human right because of the cheap crap I can not force tits, filled with all of your help facility? This taxpayer will pay for all European citizen? The city is in the middle of a garbage dump? Weie a garbage dump?
Do not pay taxes. Do not do so! If you see, mob, the buildings around, do not give them up, give it the fuck out. the European people do not get to eat because of the cockroaches felzabäl everything? Cockroaches reproduce because it is not used? European intellectuals to eradicate it? Cockroaches everywhere? Where are your fucking mother Cockroach killer?
Aid organizations? Neger, Balkan waste, 3-4 älltalänossal, works ,. 12-1500 euros income. European art, electro-technical income and o euro? Why do not you go home, there is a continent, what they are, they built for themselves? why, the European intellectual eating food?





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(Petra, 2016.12.29 18:07)

EZ unconscious ::: caritasz the teat'm really shaping needs your help. Caritas Head probability of an on-demand means without cockroaches, who had a leading role affair, devouring the other dishes. Cockroaches do not have many needs. Whatever you eat, and dry out. then turn around and eat your own shit .... and after sleeping with her breasts ... thank you, we Europeans, we do not ask of money out of it ... give us what a taxpayer, European integration deposited by their fellow men, hoping to help the poor people in Europe please ... money ... not the mob