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chur nazi social mitarbeiter

chur city has a Aban used indefinitely for free for up to a mountain top. It is not normal for the city. We went up high with luggage, so I got a hernia. He said there apparently is "torn", dissolute-looking drug addict or an alcoholic, or mental disabilities, social workers, it is not free, 10 francs. It also said next door, there is only one place, and we were two of them. we have said so many packages, we can not go somewhere else sick, he did not care, not the primitive fascist, there is no place here. The business funds in aid-fascist organizations for general school in 4-6, employees, due to primitive and vile our being, assisting in a race-off extermination program. but now the punishment will reach them catch up, if she wants this cigany if not, it will need you to pay for health insurance reap his promise ... I got was, if nothing else, Vero people will get out from it, a spa dear to reap and all other expenses, which do not get up because of the serv ... other sources said, if inspectors in the area of ​​freedom, proballjak to limit or travel, Shoot them down and send them the photo. ok then requested for a person and this fascist gentlemen's life, guards have shot through the cursor to a different city today ... Friburg, I asked, you do not want to clean? I said no. patients, hernia, also known pick yourself the question vile, bar area this is normal and is not the nastiness in their background coral, but poor information, lack, that is, the primitiveness. terrible. schweiz, it has lagged behind compared to the Germans, it is social sensitivity, living standards in the field. embersegrol can not speak up, the primitiveness ruin everything. the man, the primitive people ...


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