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cranial capacity of women, is

cranial capacity of women, is much smaller than the male brain. Still, the women, little brain, much more money they can elicit a male-like men .. so logically follows riches, not related brain volume.
Divorce is much more hard on the men than the women. The men impotent, alcoholics and the homeless will be after them ...women's unhappiness does not change and my husband easily Atal Child care and social assistance financing, and lying down anyone who tells them two kind words ....Love was so successful for the money received to Hungary live all the rich and heads of state, leading to his wife's office, I found a partner in this competitive lords. Sponsors Call abroad ... These families have been ruined me. Billions of social assistance were recruited, Hungary, while they did not pay me a dime 1o years. these are not people, it's the truth.

What man crippled from you today, if you look at where you live. who come out make living houses, they were purchased whores




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