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dating, szex,

dating, szex.:


Western Europe is also problematic to women. Largely mixes of living together, in private life. they are all whores, these are not interested. however, independent, smart and beautiful women, yes. mindeg the woman taking the men. Yes gentlemen, if you spoke to her and persuaded both the former hooker. it's the truth. If a woman is smart and clever, he gets what he wants. all other bitch who megkaphat Barka ... a <simple, there menkyo the guy and talk to him. that's it, especially if you're at home, in a given country




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(roxy-joker, 2017.05.10 17:06)

Young people and the conscience could do it if there was a revolution like in Paris. But does the young man have the power to do something? It is not so, because it is primitive and primitive, like a finger. The character of one's man is the one who demands. The gender of women is swollen like a finger. A woman, one thing to do, be a good thing, if she is not kidding, she is nothing. And most of the ferfi, just a bloated disciple. Such people do not have anything, and that's a big deal. It was not the sex I was scolding. They are smeared with hormone-treated husses and food but are so primitive they do not come. That's a big deal.

osstreeich qualität

(erika, 2017.04.10 09:36)

yours films first 9in worlds....

(Melinda, 2017.04.05 11:33)


(Gerry, 2017.04.04 10:53)

yes whits kreativ....