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I ask no small number of fans to Vienna, dtmangasse during browsing of residential Internet cafe, vile mob during one ass ........... it is very, mainly living there who were speaking Hungarian with a little brown skin, the Roman gentlemen, for filthy primitive folk and gypsy stole from me .... you deserve it, after all no one will cry, they all hate you, of all people, came thither, I only Hungarians, but in the world ooooo, one thousandth ... thank you. Only we can do together for a better world. I do not get around to it, something browse what's wrong, so handle it more simply, Gypsy folk ........... and you're done. better mapping out where a mob of which the Balkans and arrange free ... so far, so once Wien will be like 20 years ago ... that I thought, This is going to them would be decided the money. Dolni will not get the money if szarakodnak me, but they will fall for a tomb, it will create the world's fair, and truth ....



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(secret, 2017.01.05 22:41)

5 years ago, I could not even stand by car, take a cola because damage .. what about these people? I know where they are .. What happens when I was 25 years old and stole the car of an idiot? What has happened can not be classified as leaves. My life just and edit ... when you can not be perfect.
people false information to the tax people are going to ruin. You shall know the truth, and will otherwise harmful to approach .. The latter is a lie napfenyre soon as possible, and the people Eljas lost ...
It will be a time when you will sit comfortably in a chair in his house yard in a normal country, when those who laugh now and then mass shelters or hospitals. Only when you ask him 50 cents, mind you, they were what ... nothing. well then add them back all the debts ...


(migrations, 2017.01.05 22:35)

remember. schwiez a city of been nice girlfriend, and secretly gave you money too. Today is a beautiful city. Western Austria, gave me money, but accommodation not only for a short time, and money is little. Today we have a full belly gran. regen, Mullheim city gave you a home, Freiburg anything. Mullheim today is thriving, Freiburg is a ghetto .... Hungary for 10 years, they had been taken to his house. then flee the court in the eastern front, and chin up. When you are looking for the workplace 220 thousand forints. Today the gyärakban- 65-130 thousand forints in payment. The price of gas twice. Since then, 4 million Hungarians fled. the city of Miskolc, 70% of migrant ... you want to close the borders of Austria. Slovan is thinking about it ... not the quality of women wear Vienna. no. but NEMS time, not a single woman will be over only 100 kilo ... only fair is not it? today many luxury cars to walk, they believe them ... What is wrong is not available vile person left alive who cause others trouble? Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, or anyone else, csaucseszku it? no. .. The criminals? jail ... stay put, society is not so bad as you think. not so much. but it is not good ..


(secret , 2017.01.05 22:24)

I Butare in the teat. wrong to think. there will always be an internet cafe or another network where you can write a maximum of 50 Center instead then you get paid 2-3 thousand euros body ... well ... do the dirty teat I do not deserve to be ... one thing I know, there is to prove there are normally 1-2, whose complexions and can not be written. We understand what we can ... well .. elkepzelhetetlen a few years ago would have been wrong orbänrol someone dare to write, or the Hungarian police and the State of fraud ele be made public, it is now the European Union agencies and international organizations, officially deal with it ... elkepzelhetetlen it was 5 years ago, a police officer involve no responsibility because they punished me for something I did not follow it. 2 years ago ... you recently got back the money, it was a miracle, truth be day-world, despicable parasites aid bodies to mafia, and politicians. Today, the world several points of this deal. Wien does not give you quality. Since when does not give, and since then a multiple of the number of migrants. real estate prices have fallen. Safety on the streets is not only a huge amount of dirt. the beautiful and smart women who sell their bodies are not, almost all have fled to the West. boomerang rematch. discard the nefarious people who often forget about it, and reverse the boomerang cut your head off ... Europe is not excluded. develops. which is the right direction. Everyone will be there, where they belong. vienna city will not be long, I'm sure ...