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Eastern Europe is becoming more primitive

Eastern Europe is becoming more primitive...


en Minna I am poor or do not give me money wienb, Eastern Europe, the better it is destroyed ... Look at it on a map. America, Western Europe and China. other side of a piece of shit does not force beggar mafia .. no more ... asking about the mine if someone stupid Die of hunger ...
West Balkan capital of one euro does not give me. It will give different than given BUT :: EASTERN Europe is now the world from a point a cent SE :: Distribute CAP ON :::
IF I levegjak each other head east tits, headed for 1-2 more people come out, 1-2 black pudding ... I also know a couple of days ... and eat edible motherfucker like you who phiszihes, edible corrupt fascist military policeman, you can eat at the judge's house, but more than a cent from west to east will not go away ... good appetite messy parasites and Gypsy folk ... vienna

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