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EU migracioppn. no correkt.



European, terrible. In 10 years, 200 developed into comparable to europa. cewgek the policy, which ruins everything. Cheap unskilled labor they need, and so the product is faulty. The other side of the sziociäl mafia,, all other ground-hand arrives, you will receive free care for 2-3 years, housing all food,. en Europe as almost anything. Accommodation is not a normal fixed to the socio-mafia .. but I have worked 25 years and paid a lot of taxes, but not because of it, educate black children of the black family, but when times en consuls help, give me the state. Mafia whole European social system is a fraud. this power can give something they can not see anywhere Accommodation comes in the name, for 2-3 days, it is terrible. so you can not look for a job, nothing. no privacy, nothing. This is a despicable teror.


A mappában található képek előnézete 72 hour differemt



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Tessa's bloody Kurtz policy, Minister for Migration poolitika, give money to the nitty-Romas, the normal European people not great meal. Kurtz go fucking gypsy whore mother