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extermination of species, or help?

extermination of species, or help?


increasingly bizarre acts of the church. Caritas, and behind them, unseen forces ... Different cultures people put in one place, while the Balkan people, othhonos, the environment, while the Western European people, into fish-or-fell ill. They want to exterminate European intellectuals like me?

Balkan human characteristics: (this does not mean people are not good, but Maos culture): primitive, needs-fi, noisy, noisy crowd feeling well ....
In contrast, Europe, Western Europe as a en: calm environment, warm apartment in a civilized environment, white table, nice-minded women verb, verb environmentally minded, smart, educated, intelligent ....

The Caritas intentional get it out of European intellectuals. they do not give a homely environment, the only Balkan people for up to Western Europe ... as I can not sleep, sports, eat, (so eyes are on the table, there would not an animal) to reproduce pärkapcsolat because only the verb-minded, peaceful environment can.

Caritas and your company's policy is cut off, that European intellectuals. those people who have been committed throughout the European half of pie as I am ... I am taxed in Hungary for 25 years, 5 years in Germany. Now I o euro earnings in future in other continents, far more primitive people, while thousands of euro ... and they multiply like the Balkans, approaching them with a staircase that kid do it, then the animal feeds ....
Six year-end figure is not true in my food I got positive values, the European Parliament's work is miserable, Caritas conception, structure, and companies' interests, it's straight to The Hague genocide ... I am writing a letter that is why, nbem be my girlfriend? Gypsy in the street because of a lousy wears? organize it for me, the state? or because they are fucking money be taken? Dungeons one hand, as a medieval?

Where are you moving from Europe?
It is no longer a normal musician, was a deep purple, or zeppelin, no scientist, a model like Klaudia Schiffer, only silicified whore no English aristocracy, only a few, there is no normal edible food every industry Cheap waste ....

Now the EU Parliamentary sanctions should be introduced against the genocide.
If a company does not apply, there is a degree of knowledge and the need to pay taxes.
If a woman is a whore, damaging of nature have to pay taxes, who takes the money, the man in prison punishes 1-25 EVIG spread wide sujthato be 5 years ... it will not be mullva Austrian, German, Dutch English .... I do not list the Hungarians do. en 7 years in Western Europe ... I do not place me in a ghetto in Vienna, tömegszälläsra ... or always sick; SERIOUS; DE insurance does not pay for cARITASZ: life itself THEY DO NOT SHOP THERE ::: rather Hitler's leadership; EMPLOYEES OR BACK ::: make such ugly
INSTANT VÄLLTOZÄSOK ::: NOT TO MAKE AND INCOMES: IF YOU DO NOT otherwise harmful; On the other FÖLDRESAZRÖ arriving workers; Pay special taxes; BECAUSE occupy the workplace: And if I point out a woman; To receive a ::::: TO ESSEN And do not sleep in the Balkans ::: Accommodation


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(roxy-joker, 2017.05.10 17:05)

Young people and the conscience could do it if there was a revolution like in Paris. But does the young man have the power to do something? It is not so, because it is primitive and primitive, like a finger. The character of one's man is the one who demands. The gender of women is swollen like a finger. A woman, one thing to do, be a good thing, if she is not kidding, she is nothing. And most of the ferfi, just a bloated disciple. Such people do not have anything, and that's a big deal. It was not the sex I was scolding. They are smeared with hormone-treated husses and food but are so primitive they do not come. That's a big deal.


(roxy-joker, 2017.05.10 17:00)


(peter, 2016.12.28 15:49)

the Russian is like Western Europe


(zoltan, 2016.12.28 15:47)

Yes it is genocide. Zoltan ... I'm Wien level. I know ... it just misses the demands of unmanned life ... because Caritas is like a cockroach ...