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fasist miskolc maffia

ciganybehajto.jpg10 years ago ... I was not in Miskolc, where two houses, garages taken away, and fled to the local fascism ... Today is the last money deducted from my account, this Court is of the mafia buy anything ... it's messy bottom of the Gypsy mafia in Miskolc. accordingly. to pay attention to the world Miskolc .... there should not develop anything, nor aid granted to the nitty mafia town .... Something Zips collection company ... What the fascist method, a company finds the money in my account and get down about it ? This csínállta me to the fascist court in Miskolc, debts do plunder ... Protests across Europe, the Hungarian fascism, every man for me ..



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(brussel and amerika, 2015.05.16 07:50)

Tom. The problem of property rights. If you do not give a property, it will have an equal chance, you must take every Hungarian property


(brussel and amerika, 2015.05.16 07:42)

Tom. The problem of property rights. If you do not give a property, it will have an equal chance, you must take every Hungarian property


(brussel and amerika, 2015.05.16 07:41)

Tom. The problem of property rights. If you do not give a property, it will have an equal chance, you must take every Hungarian property


(pink, 2015.05.16 07:22)

Wo ist das Niveau der kirekeszres, corrupcio wie Ungarn, der einzige Weg, um zu beseitigen alle Magyaren verlor das Eigentum oder sogar mir zu geben ... kommen zu diesem Europa der Chancengleichhei


(peter, 2015.05.15 13:52)

Latin a Külföldi magyarsag is bekapcsolodott, neha szarul forditjak.... de tenyleg a king elok 85% , a hazai 100% egy mocskos Cigany faj


(Hugho, 2015.05.15 13:50)

If Merkel's Westeuropa would be normal aagyarokat have kibaszta west from Europe to the USA ... a worm species. not helped by the Hungarian normal ... ... to a framework for the worms, the worm osszesagyar Gypsy taxing, but so you do not miss anything ... not even a Hungarian private property be ...


(Romly, 2015.05.15 13:36)

Hungarian people, this parazita people... we looking for Hungary people, all parazita... No, no I no by Hungary produkt, in my company no works Hungary parazita. .. Thomas Austrian or English, no Hungary parazitA

a mafia embersegesebb

(kis ..., 2015.05.15 13:22)

Ezek primitive allatok...Nem szavad veluk Kesztyüs kezzel banni... en a beke hive vagyok, de 1-2 levelmomba vagy maps, celravezetobb... ezek koszos tanulatlan lepra ciganyok, tudom, tavolrol, hatekonyan, celzottan kell irtani oket...nem a romakat, ski dolgozik stb as ilyen eloskodoket

a jog nem ismerete, nem ved a torvenysertestol

(puskas, 2015.05.15 07:30)

Hat ennek as eloskodo free nek tudnia Keane, a Szepesi majomnak, egy jovedelmet 50% IG lehet terhelni...a birosqg mar as 50% at megterhelte, es a pioca' neg Kis csalassal a mask 50% of... Igy gonodolkozok MIT ajanljak, menu a birosagra, vagy varj egy picit mieg as emberek high egy koszos Cigany egyet erttunk... a cegekkel valo szerzodeseit is megvizsgalgatjuk....hogy szerezte....


(hedvig, 2015.05.15 00:32)

Oho!!! Ungarn maffia? Lokalle ungarn Budapest maffia? Oho and lokalle. Politik? Und ? Huuummmmm... und? Vievel million euro Haven in her Szepesi bank Konto? He fen aus Europe bank sector ? Wir suchen Her Szepesi houses in Europe" and family's such.... Her Szepesi, we're is days ungarn maffia fuhrer? Nexte tag das is frage in media.... Ungarn ......slecht demokracie and recht.

merkel europe

(frau merkel, 2015.05.15 00:15)

Ich night Frau merkel, aber was spreche merkel? Kapitalizmus, bitter geben sie mir geld.....bitte Thomas Congo 00 euro, gestollen 1 ungarn zinginer, her szepesi...merkel uncorrekt under spreche false ding. Alle politic uncorrekt maffia?E


(buszke magyarok, 2015.05.14 23:00)

Szervezzunk gyujtest a Szepesi jobb vilagra kuldeseert, ha meg nem eloznek. Utobbi esetben adjuk oda Tamasnak... 200 ezer boven eleg less ra... van amit eltur a Magyar NEP, ezt mar nem.. olcso allami bergyilkosok Ellen, olcso teroristakat!


(Riegel, 2015.05.14 21:11)

We ask everyone who is a normal man or terorista, no matter lice on this site are killed one, and his family, great things he did for humanity ... The Arabs, teroristáknak, anyone more people feel like these cheap Roma folk phenomenon, this mist ... And the Gypsy Spis cheap Western countries are urged to throw kia ancient spirits Mafia, or states of the Hungarian people as possible, just empty the garbage harm .... ....


(idiot, das is das, 2015.05.14 19:00)

Szepesi és Társa Végrehajtói Iroda
Miskolc Széchenyi István út 38
+36 46 793 241

das gemacht


(luiti, 2015.05.14 18:52)


easier to start with family members

in this case from now STOPP info
Hungarian fascist TV, the rtlklubb in the background, then they can look after him

Hungarian Jewish fascism in

stopp, others

(stopp, no good adress, 2015.05.14 18:49)

1223 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 29. | +36-1-371-1591, +36-30-948-3499

this is, fasist maffia adresse....

The others agree ... were attacked by the media for Jews, and the lies .... they must be distant ...
Beware, it could be dangerous


(Lerry, 2015.05.14 18:35)

Szepesi és Társa Végrehajtói Iroda

3531. Miskolc, Gyár u. 62.
Telefon : 06-46/793-241
E-mail :

I look for, adresse.... free mail bombs, poison free, auto accident ... please terorista space without practicing, is a target of this earth .... parasites themselves are not destroyed .... Please help ... because if you steal and cheat free, when the other party is free to do justice ....
join forces to catch the world, against such there .... and the air will be cleaner, offices, children's playground and the kids can play in peace, order and tranquility will be ... the fascist rulers, to go to the mother fucking ....


(hellmut, 2015.05.14 16:11)

Rich and Wien we is,,,, In ungarn 1 horroristic fascist diktature... aber das grosse problem, Wien order ossterreich war um denn night helfen? Wwarum, das rich werstehe nicht

1917, 1939, 2005-2009

(antifasiszt, 2015.05.14 14:34)

Well-known mafia .... Miskolc court, all their own ... a little cowardly Viktor Orban points compared to them ... I do not do anything because in that case .... .. for the first-known in the plunder, and it they want to put the mob ... Well it did not work out, and even the Mafia in Miskolc elgondolkozhat the next 100 years, then what you eat, and the whole city ....

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