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fasist miskolc maffia

ciganybehajto.jpg10 years ago ... I was not in Miskolc, where two houses, garages taken away, and fled to the local fascism ... Today is the last money deducted from my account, this Court is of the mafia buy anything ... it's messy bottom of the Gypsy mafia in Miskolc. accordingly. to pay attention to the world Miskolc .... there should not develop anything, nor aid granted to the nitty mafia town .... Something Zips collection company ... What the fascist method, a company finds the money in my account and get down about it ? This csínállta me to the fascist court in Miskolc, debts do plunder ... Protests across Europe, the Hungarian fascism, every man for me ..



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(bundesverfasonsgerict, nachbarn, 2015.11.19 00:09)

ich nachbarn dise gericht. aber ich verstehe nicht, warum denn nicht gebe dir, alles ground and zusammen recht ? warum? WO ist gericht, wan du krank? und dises tag du 0 euro nehmen? WO ist polizei, wan kaufland order deine kollega toxin dir MIT allergia? WO ist merkel, CDU, SPD? in zeitung haven, wir wollen gates facharbeit? war um? WO ist amnesty international? alles false? WO ist welt gericht, bitte ungarn Zurich Bezahlen nacht Tom 2 house garage? WO ist?


(Muller Peter, 2015.11.18 23:52)

1, why do not you get a normal salary? 2, total health care? Because of three, two Hungarian State Compensation house? 4, German government compensation because of auto? 5, privacy possibility of sufficient quality women? 6, existence? but not only in terms of work, literacy, sports, music, etc.? recognition? For running, you have a right to it!

werhteim kreuzwertheim

(Sir, 2015.11.18 22:54)

the fascist German fooled again? I think you got paid less than the Russian mob and Hungarians finished 8 for general? Less? I'm sure you are as skilled workers were hired? They'll buy you a car? You can buy a car? elbaszni it eltudta German. you know your son to buy Christmas presents? We organize some demonstrations in Europe, that's for sure. against the German-Hungarian fascism ...


(renata farkas, 2015.11.18 22:12)

Hungarians me miserable, characterless, silly primitive, extraterrestrial Germany, makes busy, but there is no joy in their lives. all wrinkled, puffy machine. I understand you, they can not be loving it, no human emotions ...


(roxy joker, 2015.11.18 18:12)

This is not accurate, Anyi stay equal, something really happened poisoning. but due mainly to interest in each other, there is! too! but thank you. Can anyone info, please write to or email address, even anonymous. Thanks

werhteim kreuzwertheim

(007, 2015.11.18 16:42)

oh, finally helpers. dear colleague, the German piglet, Ralf opened the office, and swapped out your food. Every Hungarian knows they helped him. any Hungarian friends. his wife works in the mob. if the German police would not be such an idiot to 10 years in prison .... I would not make it to the police, it will take the normal european people .. Besides him, and two are normal and clean up. Skoda msp2p64

this is problem

(roxy joker, 2015.11.18 00:17)

Life, Hungary, very unfair! while the court took away all I have, I'm leaving on an equal footing with the EU. labor market? no! no car, Germany's ruined. therefore more money to pay for lodging and travel, more time goes by. privacy is not time left. I can not take on a job that involves travel. I can not get women, there are two whom I want. I can work, but I get paid less. me home, there is no Hungary. I was two apartments. I am sick, allergic, eliminated a lot of money, I do not work for 1-2 days. Sometimes infusion only heal you, your stomach will stop operation. others are just as many problems, go to work, one can drink beer. my beer, I can not drink cola nor the greedy, vile belerak.allergiát manufacturer acquired by way of German drug overdose or Hungary. no one apologized to me double the price of food, special, and a lot of time to go shopping. this vile thing. at least one car could take me at least, by way of indulgence!


(roxy joker, 2015.11.17 03:05)

a fidesz honlapjan olvastam, egy kritikám után, a minister elnok or, nem tud sajnos mindenkinek segiteni. sokkal nagyobb szüksége volt 50 millions szechenyi vissza nem terintendo hitelre, az500 millions villa ban élö vallalkozonak, mint nekem 10 milliora, akinek az élete mulott rajta.ezert nincs haza, Magyarország, magyarság.

etele tér

(gallo, 2015.11.17 02:59)

في العربية بخيبة أمل. اعتقدت انه كان صادقا، شعب شجاع! باريس ليست عدو لهم، الذي تم قبوله، التي طردت منها، مثل المجر! بعد انفجرت القنبلة في باريس! لذلك لا تدع أحد المتعاطفين بسبب قوية الفرار، حيث الاستقبال والهجوم ... لذلك كان هناك الكثير من المتعاطفين!


(migration, 2015.11.17 02:37)

Of course, Merkel and EU leadership asking for apologies easily! They are not prepared for this so refugees like me, who came from more advanced civilization, no patients like me who became ill because of the country minösithetelen food and mafia. if you are sick, Die, they need healthy people who replaced them up the compound of their country!


(europe ? , 2015.11.17 02:30)

Orbán, the members also left home. One said, you want europa. your house is not more difficult, but he loves? Germans with a German worker pay euro 18, 5000 schweiz minimum wage worker chf! love like a man indeed! a bit! ..még not so much as an extraordinary eu Ukrainian refugees. 800 them aid and homes and schools go! It has a total of euro 2,000 per month, belgiumban.nekem their work does not involve only the half of it. I get half as much as Hungarians as a sxiria, black or African or Asian immigrants!

in europe in deutshland, in slecht leben qualitát

(bis 2005 war ungarn " hohe qualitat" , 2015.11.17 02:19)

ungarn war 1 kleine schweiz bis 2005! und rabl wir Europe. danke schoon meine ex voundebar life, house, garage, auto, frauen... danke schoon Europa, ungarn politik! dise war best terrorist dings

wertheim, kreuzwertheim

(roxy joker, 2015.11.17 02:13)

németnél the more primitive species only in Russia! where I work, they wanted to protect the magyaroktol. but the doctor did not give infusion, the allergen toxins, Rabbi The more go out of it. Healing is not a jury, but also their people looting! the German authorities have not checked the food! as well as all the bloated pig, a manufacturer "Savo" give them as a pig in Hungary! You'll get fat! jo etvaggyal they eat. a woman they do not exceed 50 kilos, or 70 pounds kezdö Amrrika France. Russian and Kazakh, all need to eat, to sleep. Some of the Hungarians mean, the other half sucker. the company's normal driving. chinese want just a job, money, that's life. God, how good it was Hungary, while Orban for the duration of your gyurcsány not ripped off! but where to find a home? Hungarian head of leraboltak own us. 70 kilos is a firm, thick-legged pig-faced, Kazakh woman. for them it's sex. symbol. When I get longer again, like you finally graduates inteligenciáju among people with whom we appreciate each other? I watched couple working at the company, that could poison the adjacent store! I took pictures of them, their car, and I really .... I look as if I were in space. with luxury cars, houses, ugly people, eat drink, that's every need. beat the god of politicians, this is my country and the present generation has so crippled. I feel good anywhere, Hungary is no longer my country, German is very malicious, primitive world, Belgium has neither Schweiz work. Germany via the car was destroyed, and both the German police also Anyi was characterless, help, give him money to buy finger. everyone in Europe hates the Germans, a scrap of food to carry, I fucked this is it, I'm sick of him. Yes, magyarorszag better place, between 1997-2005 was not! It was the best place in the world! we love, peace, well-being to live, to drive, to work, partying and making love beautiful women, delicious to eat, drink ... allergies without hatred. they taught us to hate, they can not love you ... very primitives who smiles at them, they love, while stealing all things, who is honest, do not like ... no art, no tradition, no sex, there is nothing in their lives. Barak Obama, a president inhuman. another former US president, would not have looked at all of this suffering could have took me to a good place and America. but I'm sure that man can find pleasure in! there is no future, there is no country that suited him. And there are Belgium, Austria ... schweiz .. Part of it also give a shit if everyone gets angry, because my life sucks because of these malicious people környezet.betegít ... because of genetic waste, cripples, and a bad start when it is not nothing else in them ! just look at the photo, radiating happiness, smile! they do not even know what it is. s feelings of hatred!


(walter, 2015.11.09 22:10)

alle diese gierige CEOs und Arbeits Familie dort ist darauf als Hersteller von Bio Bremen Meletta Wasser und Wertheim, Marktplatz durchgeführt werden, Drogeriemarkt lousy Schwuchtel Anzug Tetuan, der verkauft. dass der Mensch ein Feigling, impotent Krüppel alle, die Geld, um Frauen zu nehmen. aber in den Sarg wird in Läuse zu liegen und

this is problem

(roxy joker, 2015.11.09 19:29)

just come out of troubles. everyone angry. Unfortunately, again not there I got where I wanted. here there is no love, sex, normal life. Money is something small, but it will never be auto, if you sick fucking gypsy folk. go to ruin my health. it would help if someone would buy me a car. but many people are fucked. genetic disabilities, malicious barbarians. in my opinion, it reflects the surroundings. Hungary only much worse than this. I have not lived among such people who have been for a man to feel like life is leaving. but the Germans did not scold, they are at least megprobálltak help. but scold fucking Union and Hungary. schweiz, the Belgian could have helped rich countries. you na america. there is no beach, auto, beautiful women, nothing which is good. europa, but mainly it is a disgrace to the people. who have stolen everything to me, a lousy Hungarian mislolci, offices. We should exterminate them ...


(roxy joker, 2015.11.09 17:31)

Deutsch unsportlichen verdammten Leute! rühmlichen Ausnahmen! Ungarische Parasiten, bösartige .. allerdings falsch, in diesen beiden Ländern zu leben. kina noch eine andere Welt. Englisch hat etwas länger. Ich spreche kein Französisch .magyarország Österreich war die beste, aber Europa selbst ruiniert. schrecklich, in einer solchen Umgebung zu leben. schöne und intelligente Frauen nicht über diese, Männer genetischen Abfall, bescheiden, sind sich Frauen Geld verschwenden! orbánékba keine Ehre, Sinn für Gerechtigkeit ...

aus bayern

(1 freund bayern, 2015.11.07 17:33)

aber warum keine Freunde? Sie sind gemein und Angreifer. bei der Arbeit, würde mein Magen zerstören, sie haben keine Zeit zu essen normale Nahrung .. Diese Mobs. ein chinesischer Freund, aber ein wenig freie Zeit, um zu stehlen, als ich ging. Ich brauche Geld, Autos kaufen. Diese bösartigen emverek. Fellow ist nur ein weiteres fettes Schwein, das andere ist bösartige. and getoxin Maine Essen? normalle dises mense


(freunde aus bayern, 2015.11.07 17:07)

Ich habe kleine Kerl bösartig. Elektronik arbeiten, aber gib mir schmutzige, fettige Arbeit. Ich habe keine Zeit, um Mittag zu essen. Also das ist, was die Deutschen. schlimmer als ein lausiger Ungarisch. Weder würde in zu essen geben. aber wenn man endlich zu einem normalen Wochenende, als Autos, schöne Frauen, ich liebe? Deutsch Frauen sind alle unsere Maschinen getrocknet. Ausländer sind auch hässlich, wenn ich auf das Wochenende in ihrem Auto, Paris oder Zürich? wo Frauen Bombe zu leben?


(1 freund bayern, 2015.11.07 16:31)

Deutsch Europa (Tamas) Beziehung! Deutsch Sport ist nicht einfach! Ungarn sind dumm! Deutsch anspruchslos. gut für ihn in der Kälte, ohne Nahrung iz, die polare Hündin zu. Ich nicht. Deutsch bösartige, so dass keine Zeit für das Mittagessen szümetbe mein Mittagessen essen. die Chinesen wollen rob meine Zeit kostenlos ... kein guter Mensch


(budapest, 2015.10.03 15:41)

the filthy fascist leadership of Budapest's wrong! they do not eat, because thieves. István Tarlós and others, phantom companies, the European Union penzekböl, acquired billions .szándékosan destroys the Fidesz, the more valuable to people than you like me! Do not write off the investment budapest more! we do not want new mafia, mafia Assembly Tarlós and Budapest! thief, parasites!

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