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fasist miskolc maffia

ciganybehajto.jpg10 years ago ... I was not in Miskolc, where two houses, garages taken away, and fled to the local fascism ... Today is the last money deducted from my account, this Court is of the mafia buy anything ... it's messy bottom of the Gypsy mafia in Miskolc. accordingly. to pay attention to the world Miskolc .... there should not develop anything, nor aid granted to the nitty mafia town .... Something Zips collection company ... What the fascist method, a company finds the money in my account and get down about it ? This csínállta me to the fascist court in Miskolc, debts do plunder ... Protests across Europe, the Hungarian fascism, every man for me ..



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(false malta live grouppe in budapest, 2015.10.02 10:32)

in Malta live grouppe, habem 1 blonde pics. Malta spreche live, and..... aber dise szexbomb, I'm haute nicht compt szex. war um? unga-bunga! MIT Frau and sluss


(social mafia, 2015.10.02 06:50)

wir interessie MIT fur das nicht,, du was Essen in deutshlend, held wir nehmen als lohn! and csussz! ungarn fascist land!

szocial mafia, ministerium

(budapest, 2015.10.02 06:48)

Ja, haven in Budapest fill milliard social held, aber, mich nicht gene dir, wir nehmen allies geld als lohn! wir arbeit in social Job!


(budapest, 2015.10.01 18:39)

Ich war 1 house in miskolc, 10 jahre. Ich 10 jahre nicht war in Miskolc. In Maine house, jets wohnen , mafia. Next, gesendet Mich rechnung, rise ziengioner szepesi gypsy mafia, bitter Thomas bezahlen house kostet. Normalle dise zingeiuner? Ich 10 jahre war nicht in Miskolc, und in Maine hause. Corrupt Miskolc polizei, gericht, in ungarn allies buros. War um denn much ausmache Europe Parliament, dise Miskolc mafia? Warum?


(budapest, 2015.09.30 23:23)

ich gefelts mir nicht, in Deutschland and ungarn arbeit system! ungarn-deutsh polizei Mafia! ich suche zofort arbeit, eine Anderes land als elektroniker!


(lp, 2015.09.23 13:40)

Orban and Fidesz, a fascist party! Do not be afraid, america, europe but do not leave it at that, what you were doing. parasitic thief Gypsy folk by Fidesz, has been working on them for the secret services!


(hungary nazi, 2015.09.20 18:36)

the nitty Gypsy-Hungarian fascist nation's security office in Budapest vízmüvek, prices fell in the water, allergenic agents imitöl I am sick. Fascism is wrong in Hungary!


(Amerike, 2015.09.20 16:55) a large American said; The fort, knowledge, intelligence, Art, that's your personal characteristics! quality of life, and the environmental characteristics! so easy to decide if the problem is with me, or Hungary's wrong!


(munchen-insbruck grence in der nache in berg, 2015.09.19 23:38)

There is a good god who protects my life! true when you distribute the money, do not give me! corrupt, or cancel the Almighty? once a weekend, I went to Munich by car into the mountains. I love the mountains. by bike, I went on, I left my car where I took a guesthouse! six were beer, I sat down to watch the waterfall. It was beautiful. then six more beers! then another six! melett only led to a gap in the road. na but did not slow the pumpkin in the dark, by bicycle. steep mountain path on one side of the divide, it is 150 meters deep in a lake. the other side a camp. case tossed me a rock, jumped the fence keping loss, by bicycle. the bike was blocked by the fence. 4 kenpingben the Dutch drinking beer in the dark. I flew one of them. I took the backpack and one beer I drank. beszartak their case, mentöládát, have been taken. I told to them in English, my butt hurts, no trouble. I asked if I fell from here. I said I am a Russian airplane, do not open the screen. they looked weird, but really all you have seen in the dark, I fell there. then identified the bicycle. wheel end. they took the car accommodation. I flew 30 meters in case, if the fence is not going to, over, or if some people ran towards. It was not alright!


(Munchen-grence in der nache, 2015.09.19 23:22)

the world can be beautiful. him and körbevevö depends on the people! Ravensburg-Friedrichshafen! German first normal job! German colleagues. Chief, absolutely correct, neat! alex, good friends, went to crap all day, of course, the work is. friedrishshafen was phszihologus, decent man. before him, when he had the car, the German-Austrian mountains is a beautiful German girl I met, I did not see more, kicked very same day. Recently I saw a rawensburg-Munich train, very similar to a group of girls tourist types. I've helped him pick up his backpack. It was beautiful. perhaps you would be wrong on my website, I would be interested in the opinion of the equipment at .. Write-lak. very thin, tall, well-shaped, baby-faced blonde with blue eyes ... and younger sister. I would probably have married is because I'm immortal, but when he gets old, when I change any of my sisters .. (-


(?, 2015.09.19 22:36)

what the Negro and French? the French policeman sent it back to Germany, which advised. but the firemen at the station when I got sick, my bag was taken home, not to be lost. When the house is poorly equipped, but very nice people. French had two girlfriends. very beautiful. but they do not speak their language. Negroes? When I did not get a job, or first 60 Negro shown! then the German intelligentsia. He was a Negro girl to school, got on well with him. Freiburg joked it, urn Obama called for another school ... Spanish university belle, was Mary. Smart is certain. Spanish is smart. I listed among refugees in the West, French, or Spanish, or Italian, the latter is Helpful. French technician, according to the teacher was my reflection. Freiburg, Schull Europe. So my Hungarians brought more recognition than others. recognized athletes, artists were guitar. Of course in Budapest, homeless ... na's all about the people országokrol, because they were also among Hungarians, very nice people. They were.


(linz, 2015.09.19 22:08)

social assistance "in Hungary 20 euros I got half a year. Once Germany. The priest only could have given. összehivta the local brings donors gave 170 euros, 4 hours waiting for him to travel to mullheimben, play their accommodation while before you get to the hotel, 20 euros aid. Austria police, rabszálitoval took me to the hospital, you know one night to sleep after the store had cake smashing. not in handcuffs, after two minutes of conversation to understand what's wrong. next terminated the proceedings bit apologized for the country, and a priest directional, who gave money , trying to get accommodations and normal, did not know where instead of 200 euros, or go back to Wiebe Lake Constance .... it was like Bregenz, Linz, they could not provide accommodation, but could still make money, other city ... that's why I looked affair like the photon, a 20 year old! tortured because they do not like msgyar!


(diakoni krakenhause, 2015.09.19 21:52)

Freiburg, City Hospital, internal medicine. stomach complaint. I lay there three days, when luxury room alone. Breakfast is placed on the outside, I beat 7-11 am going to win. I woke up in the morning not squealing pig sounds. The nurses, German, English, French is perfect. He asked the head doctor? ora suitable for a visit? investigations, 10-12 orakor I went, I chose the date. the final report was ready in 15 minutes. lunch outside of allergies, összeirták what kind of food I like. needle was not me at night. I claim in the temperature. It was a basic AOK-funded hospital. korterrmben electric beds, 1 meter diameter TV, shower, snow-white pears. They called the phone, ct, or rongenre. breakfast, 4-5 slices of bread, lots of cheese, cold cuts, diet food, kv, I did not drink. tea, original Chinese, emésztésjavito herbal tea. When I found out when I called masseurs, is there any need one? It was a man, I said no. desktop bible. complaint book. HANOVER young, very nice. He asked where you can filter out ...? orakor bring breakfast? Six out of embarrassment, you can visit? From head to toe, kivizsgálltak in 3 days, ct, stress ECG, .... then fired, I asked my money back you have to travel 30 km Mullheim, or take you to a colleague of the German car ... so too, especially the believers!

emendingen deutshland

(phszihiatria, 2015.09.19 21:30)

what never spoken! phszihiátrián were in Germany. a professor in the department banned! He wrote you about the social secretary of the request. you got money, an apartment and a job. 3 expert called the professor to you! Local Labour group leader, took the view, local social secretaries, chief financial officer növérszállo, temporary accommodation, and diakoni priest. ask her, Emmendingen, phszihiátriai centers nationwide, Germany!


(Bullino, 2015.09.17 00:46)

Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Hungary! where there is no peace, giant Diference existence, and tyranny, and America's meddling in the world! John Adler wrote to President Obama, the Hungarian refugees ..... .... no money ... one forgot to describe! I do not have money because the Fidesz politicians, but also many other state leaders, judges, from 8,000 to 24,000 euros monthly income ... there. This may 1000.000 man. the mafia .. and also asked the Hungarian people, left to defend. Obama has just been described only other defenders of the Hungarian people mem protect the system! If they defend the people would have you received HUF 50 million. Hungary will be the next so if you translated this despicable manner say stupid Hungarian people, its leaders!


(Gerht, 2015.09.15 11:44)

this is not a normal thing, they treated you like! Hungarian was all a lot of money in the house, Roma and other refugees in Hungary, but was taken away from you! It was Orban government?


(budapest i, 2015.09.14 23:25)

the Hungarian minister of health is normal or not, or a fascist was standing. so when houses built where they are crammed with people, very noisy and can not sleep in it! ALARM heal so? Merkel is right, the Hungarian fascist. Days Since I can not sleep, there is no suitable place! such as the Balkans, Hungary!


(nazi hungary land and people, 2015.09.14 18:28)

a lousy, parasitic, Hungarian gypsy race. the medical treatment or accommodation search! The two together do not go! there are many thousands of crappy social worker, for this purpose, but only to take up relief, as payment ... filthy gypsy race in Hungary! vile, malicious! Fascist! Normally, the Hungarian minister of health and social care? or healing, or accommodation? this is a normal two-fascist minister?

nazi budapest!

(hospital!, 2015.09.14 18:26)

a lousy, parasitic, Hungarian gypsy race. the medical treatment or accommodation search! The two together do not go! there are many thousands of crappy social worker, for this purpose, but only to take up relief, as payment ... filthy gypsy race in Hungary! vile, malicious! Fascist! Normally, the Hungarian minister of health and social care? or healing, or accommodation? this is a normal two-fascist minister?

budapest in balkan haupstadt!

(roxy joker , 2015.09.13 04:22)

if the treacherous Nazi népírtok, besides other can be woven would get to say hello to the country of much care as you do? Thanks Hungarians when forint worm is stated mode of payment emelésért 2000 ye yourselves, but I can not uptake in fortune! Thank you for accepting my job for 20 years it! Orbán today will be handing out 50-fold millionaire / entrepreneur! thank you, do not you eat for 10 years. Thanks 2 my house, took away the garage. thank you, while I've worked hard all forints abroad, you have been given help from social, home builders ye yourselves! thank you, I have not received any help, but you recorded ye for me, municipalities, state employers their aid. thank you, while I was working abroad, after all I have elloptátok, your fun, start a family in Hungary. Thank when he fought against the German xenophobia, and won, you rat-a refugee all the way. I thank you and three million homeless man who has given rest to eat, for accepting Adon 20 years and built houses for you! Thank when he fought against the fascist Hungarian government, get your fortune, your home was a rat hole located ... thank you, I'm proud of her Hungarian! except for the right Miskolc friends, they were not OK, cowardly, stupid, fooled like you! no foul! Thank you still do nothing, I became ill during one month in Hungary, the Balkans due to the circumstances, and every 2 days in blood. Thank you! the world is also reflected in! Hungary average wage of 600 euros, 4,000 euros in German, schweiz 8000chf .....

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