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only qualitat, lot hundert was, but secret... 1-2 only hier, all qualitat



Just a very nice, perfect shape, baby face, max.55 kg barby dolls were my friends ... I ask just a couple of the photo ... They're not like the other weak character, not for money women can be strong-willed, smart , sentimental, loving women were, who were looking for love ... And Longer or shorter period of time, they found ...
I hate the societies in which women in emergency money for the advantage and as a way price!

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(i, 2015.06.19 18:49)

that? the German and the Austrian wants to give him money? Stop! They found him a job where you supposed to pay for the accommodation for him, the ride too! You do not have any money. Today the Austrian EURORAM 100 Meki punished and given 20 euros. -80! the bride can it give a rich Hungarian normal free accommodation, others eat, third-existence. egyébbként die. cold, noise can not aludmi, allergic thousands ft ... The medicine can only exist at rest, otherwise you will immediately be patient ... help!

budapest 13. kerület

(Dr Toth titkarság, 2015.06.19 03:44)

Toth Secretariat polgarmester 13 district of Budapest. We could not give him food, no accommodation! He fled when he could-it!


(segitseg, 2015.06.19 02:43)

a Külföldi Magyarok kis resze segit esetleg necked, egzisztenciaba... mert egy filler nelkul kibasztak a sajat orszagodbol.. ez gyalázat


(ig, 2015.06.18 12:30)

organ Viktor es a complett Magyar Cigany hivatali rendszer tett tönkre.

meg akarjak olni!

(ilyen nincs, 2015.06.16 23:15) want Die !!


(roxy, 2015.06.14 23:39)

women living in America who are smart and pretty and not make use of the money, and emotional wants and men like? and we have a job, who estimates the knowledge, and he will pay? and there is an organization that embraces tortured in Europe, but good people like me? and provides livelihood, many mumkáért return? and love like you gave Hungary until 2002, while in Miskolc spies, informers, corrupt authorities, who did not have compartments? Where there is such a place? And who will help you get there? I want to be happy again and respected member of society! it will help America as a great power? they deserve! The work of 25 years was taken away, 2 of my house, garage, car, friends, girlfriends ™ I want it back! help! Thank you!


(hans, 2015.06.03 14:10)


(roxy-joker, 2015.05.29 13:12)

in partner suche, yetz zahlen ich, in europe 143 szexy, und anti-klug frauen willst mich szex contact.. problem nur das, ich haben 1 home page, in home page haben sie adresse, aber ich nich will bezahlen geld, nach partnersuche firma order unthernehmer...dises fill idioten frauen, bezahlen geld, nach partner suche, und habe keine contact.. dise 143 szexy frauen=0 normállse frauen.. dise 99% deutsh frauen... 1 madchen in schweiz, das senden mich email, aber anderes idiot nicht...meine alle contact im partner suche zirka 700 frauen, aber nur 143 szexy... aus 143 nur 1 klug... ungarn contact 0! francőzis 10, aber nur 1 spreche deutsh order english, aber gutes qualitát, 17 jahre alt szexbomb.... madchen, geht nach sculle, das 1 normativ idea...meine partner contact best erste problem, frauen madchen primitivitát....


(Hugh, 2015.05.28 23:48)

"NO comment" reality absolut reality

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