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historical truth lines ..

historical truth lines ..


In the European Union, new power creates in his country plundered people compensation. In case you want to pay for disposal of the Hungarian state, when some other way to attack the Hungarian state. The Hungarian state is obliged to accept Islam refugees. no, explain fascism. since the Hungarian state, threaten the fascist by operating, safety of other neighboring countries as well, so you might as well be considered ... armed intervention in the home Hungarians and Hungarians living abroad, o .. need you to pay my income in euros, that s monthly out should be added to 2000 euros .. so pay income or, if not, when Hungary was in foreign hands, and international will be pressure on Hungary, that will not be able to defend ourselves against ... Hitler, Napoleon, both giants in power was in his hands, but the history of the peoples of normal, nepirtok took the hand of power ... so will lead to Hungary, if not fair ... if you are an aristocrat, beautiful white houses, rob, take away from me when the world's revenge. 2 apartments, garage difference in living standards over EUR 1 million is. The Hungarian state to pay that much, or just had, what I did in my hand ... a bank account. Fascist country to me, there is nothing to be ...

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