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If they want me to help people!

Needed would be a normal country where:
One where we can live in love (his girlfriend normal Flats)
2, good jobs, electronic technician
3, in the car, because unfortunately I got sick, and I can go hard, and life I was in a car
4 friends than ever.
5 girls that love, if you can
6, money, because Marr'm not young, and I have to think for myself, my family

7,  if you find a girl who will start with four legs, beautifully recites orgasm than the other, I promise when marrying, having a bank account is also ok .. (the latter, there were Problems)

8, a good doctor is needed, it fools around me forward, cure and manage ...

There is no need for anything else, especially bus, train stared idiots

no only beautiful, 1-doktor, others engioner...  beuty and clever and szexy and no Money by People.... 


Thanks you weryx much



nur Qualität Frauen interessie mich, als war in meine alles leben



A mappában található képek előnézete qualität



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