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Christians balkjän mafia


Christians balkjän mafia

Dear American and europa-- these two foldresz represents the values, and China ... I recommend dropping a neutron bomb in Europe. scared before I do not want to exterminate the people of Europe, I am also of quality, I also want to live with them .. but needs to be more difficult to exterminate the Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Eastern Balkani I tits, party. I ask, Vienna, nomrälis population and me, get an airline ticket two weeks while exterminate the other mob. and then we'll come back, your home, what you need is preserved. I enclose all socio stelle where European waste, terorista rejects hidden ... Hungarian Gypsy Guards, who ruined my everything, but Viktor Orban is a cowardly, sneaking worms ... all take out, and will be again a value system MEP: NO AMERICA IS SAFE WITH US ::: is not a problem: solve the Balkans EUROPA :: DIRTY GYPSY HOLLADEK; Midea ruining their quality; So to live cockroach extermination ::: ::: cockroaches cockroach extermination :: SOCIAL STELLE. BALKAN ::: HUILLADEK EVERYWHERE FRAU klimek business PLACE ONE OF THE BEST TO ::: We believe the cold air: a Polish gypsy; - "= Celsius or KIYITJA WINDOW; instead, washes himself; this is not typical of the occupants, Hungarian and Polish waste and other people: we are capable of civilization, or die ultimatum ::: NO MORE :: take out ALL ;:
The Hungarian Guard of Roma cheap; Tonka value SZIK KOMMUNKIKÄCIOS devices: these people; GET Hungarian money; PENSION; Austrian Aid; billionaire :; Send a house for them; In Hungary; AU his kingdom; They built YOU DO NOT hide in Austrian socio STELEKEN ::: parasitism; All human :::
SOPRON; A poor old woman's house; THE Hungarian Guard: NOT pay them; :: DO NOT KNOW them landed but it beating MAY BE Midea and must ::: ALL SUCH AN GARDA NATIONAL parasites; Comprehensive attacks to be launched; POLICE; ALL ABOUT; ES-Fascist forces ::: part of Sopron, Ebony Pansio station ... must be eradicated from all of them. help an old lady ..




winzi port spirch mi: du balkan solidations, oder habe keine zimmer; was? was????????   dise 1 wien stadt zimmer.   was will wien?   helfen oder balkan mafia teror? was.....?ß????  1 ungarn gypsy sprechen mich, ich clinen?  was????  was=====??? unganr zu hause, und alles kerleoki... winzi bett  24 bett numer.,.  socializations in europe, oder zu hause.... verstehe?   oder polish alkoholika munhla; dushen, oder socializations, oder zu hause...  in europe normalle slafen celzius, 25 grad... du gefelts nich, polish idiot? okey, du zu hause... da europe. deine land ungarn oder polish, dise land wir baustelle, du gefeltz oder nicht egalle, maximum du zu hause...primitive gypsy<...



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