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Miskolc for 15 years, I managed in-house, have my own house by car, job, beautiful girlfriend ..... and then came bottom of a corrupt judge, everything I fucked up ... Since then, a lot of people trying to help, we managed to achieve one, one, another sleep etc .... Now the Hungarian do not give eat ... I could give the German eat, sleep, and most recently, it was a huge thing, do you have girlfriends, cars do not ... I got a hernia ----

Why Germany does not reach to the cultural level, you can provide a regular job at the same time, auto, normal accommodation and the opportunity to be women?
Perhaps another success of the country .... hernia, the  allergies, and immune disease ceases noirmális CIRCUMSTANCES, ... Seeking country such as the USA, Hungary miskolc, was not until 2002 ... until we came to the judge and to the nitty Miskolc policy ...




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Bogács, Ungarn

(Zoltán Honti, 2015.05.10 16:44)

Ich zog auch aus einem Müll Stadt Miskolc ... .... Mein Freund war Thomas ... Ich habe gehört, dass wurde finanziell ruiniert, ist der ungarische Staat nicht normal ... ... Alles geht ruinieren dieses Land ... in Deutschland Ich lebte dort .... Diejenigen, die in zivilisierten Menschen leben, unter ihnen der 2002-2006 Völkermord in Miskolc dann vertrieben, flohen ... Ich habe eine Familie, ich überlebte .... Thomas ... Er hatte alles geklappt für ihn eine Menge ... arbeitete Vollzeit-Job, Teilzeitbeschäftigung ... nur eine Wohnung in bösen gekauft haben, waren bösartige mob Nachbarn ... verkrüppelt ... Thomas war ganz normale Menschen ... es war, als der Bruder von einem elenden Zustand bekannt .... die ungarische Regierung .... Es war ein schönes Leben, machte ihn .. war schlecht, aber clever ... eine Menge Freundinnen, alt, aber gutes Auto ... Er hatte Recht ... Wenn die Autos sind elende Stadthausarzt eingeschlafen , Geld von den Leuten gestohlen wird, hat er sein Auto ausgestattet .... Ich fordere die Menschen im Ausland zu mir nehmen, menschliche Umstände, Leistenbruch und zu heilen Allergien .... Geben Sie ihm einen normalen Job und eine Wohnung .... Akzeptieren in jedem normalen Land, hat der ungarische Staat nicht verdient! Viel Glück ....


(Nagy Lászlo (szisza), 2015.05.10 16:24)

Halottam, majd elolvastam, a németeknél 160-170 el száguldozott...Mert szabad... Nem hiszem el.... Az őreg 1500 polszki fiatjával ment 160-al, az alfavával tőbbet.... Persze azt is elolvastam allergiás lett.. nem volt az... annyi colát amit ő megivott, senki nem ivott, talán az egész csapat egyűtt... napi 4-5 litert.. És ha nem autozott, sőrt is sokat ivott.... Olyan egészséges volt mint a makk... Az igaz minden jó csajt meg akart dugni, tőbbnyire meg is dugta, de emiatt még tők normális volt.... Volt időszak mikor sokat vitetkoztunk, de utána pár év mullva barátként űnnepeltűnk.... És hogy elvették a házát, mindenét, ez ledőbbent, főleg mert hűlyének nézték.... Én ha tudnák segitenék neki.... Ő is segitett... De a mai ujgazdag nyomorultak, tényleg pénzért veszik a nőket, a pénzűket kéne elvenni.... Szisza..


(Zsofia, Tiszaujváros Hungary, 2015.05.10 16:13)

It was an interesting person and very special ... Maybe we women, I admired him as an individual ... He was a brave, stood up for the truth of his friends .... well .... girlfriends Eegee also asked me to keep a secret .. .. He did not say why he wanted us to be a secret ... We have accepted ... Now .... I mean, is not that normal? Very few people could lead to a case ... he was a good lover and very smart ... I remember there was a time when there was no phone ... ... speakerphones already picked up her tape recorder pla Ki-fastened ... . he picked out what he was saying, and if denied, back-played. There was an Alfa Romeo ... Nobody knew what to do with the engine, but I went to the car, no one could catch up .... And he is mentally ill? And the crippled doctor who just came to, people lose money, it is normal? malicious, vile lice? The normal? I do not speak English well, but surrendered all of theft and fraud .... It's ... I'm not there pictures of girls among them, fortunately, my husband, but also protect you when .... Miserable scammers who stood with him doing this ...


(Roland T., 2015.05.10 16:02)

MI, insane? Who is not normal, he said that? He could be stupid, like all young ... I worked with him in Miskolc waterworks ... call ... I can tell you all the same afternoon ... went to his girlfriend in love ... you know the women, Orit, was a Duma . then I went to bed, sleep was awakened ... 2 ... Dawn called another girl to .... right in the company were angry at him because he was sick ... I had a lot Alfa Romeo car with racing changed .. I went 0-100 km / h acceleration of 6.4 seconds loved life ... .. Many flu was a disease of the facts ... it was nice anyway .... loved to be racing, but he could really drive the company car ... , everyone is shattered, he did not .... loved it ... even when she was not allergic to fish ... went 20-25 sorta drunk at times it was not all right ... It's never been sick !!! !!!! Now you may be allergic, immune systems may be weakened, but did not change anything ... I recognize .... Just came upon politics, and all that was taken away .... This meanness, it is normal as in other countries, are to supposed to help ... for him, not to cover up his affairs ....


(Laszo Gyorfy, 2015.05.10 15:42)

Ez tenyleg szemét csaláscsalás


(Alex, 2015.05.10 13:42)

Learn English properly and promptly direction europa Germans ... well you speak, but bad English ... will work for Austria or Germany or schweiz, hiring consideration factories .... Ask for help because of the hotel ...


(FCB fans, 2015.05.10 13:35)

We do not place full of the home team ... Especially hernia ... Look for another job, car factories, development, or muses ...


(Sergio, 2015.05.10 13:33)

It really is handicapped looks like Alen Delon


(Gerry, 2015.05.10 13:02)

From Hollyvood, to EU parlament? Next 4 yerar in Brussels lux us prison!


(Secret, 2015.05.09 23:35)

Hungary does not give you do not eat, Hungary is part of a parasitic only!


(Dombovári Sándor, 2015.05.09 23:31)

ez igy igaz!!! This is okey!