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It should read this ... where love is in there ...

It should read this ... where love is in there ...

Many people have asked what we were poor, that we had plenty, and a beautiful girlfriend? There you have the answer. where on earth to love, there is happiness and well-being ... we were not poor, had homes, cars, and eat ... drink more now than in the West. but emotionally, hollyvood level was alive. because what made me ... I, Gábor Szabó, DOMBOVARI sanyi, Hont Zoltan, and all true friend 1OO, 2OO-familiar


not true, the belief that women are attracting a lot of money ... the whores, but women are not. where the majority are whores, like Vienna, or Germany, there is no love, happiness and instead have a hatred .. the city of Miskolc, it was a very good city. the people a real, normal value system disappearances, political or mafia or otherwise do not bother to life, whole 2oo5-up ..

we were not cool kids. Those idiots who pulls women. They loved us. But why? They love ... because they got experience that party. there is almost no difference, a friend makes you happy or a woman. the thought that counts, pleasure-seeking. It was when a beer is well, I have one friend on Sat, when there is a nice boost to make love all night ... but this can not be connected with seniority as the bällatok that between 17-18 o'clock there is time ... for 1 hour. 1 hour were not coming, they upset a woman ... or at what level ...

You need to talk to people. lot. We enjoyed each other's company. the women. We were not reliant on each other, or interesting link. friendship. if there is no real friends, there is nothing in life. Whatever be the domestic-Dolha, car breaks, and nothing remains. a good experience either.

Western culture is very good. calm, centered value system, but it distorted .. the man of no value, many times, and the man is the foundation of everything .. Work 4-5 for general educational background give a person, another non-engineers. so the primitive social aspect of a consumer society no one more valuable as an engineer? Is not it, but it is possible more ... In some countries it can handle, but Austria, it did not make it to this level.


Hungarian history, bigger disaster than the Right came to power, it was not, and never will be, of course, including left-wing traitors. everything devalued, sold for pennies factories. themselves in the form of adapted Hungary. I thought of all the money you can buy. Is not that a beautiful woman .. today is not nearly in Hungary, where it is, or whore, or destitute. It wiped out the technical ertelmniseg like me. Every company looking for work. but one does not occur. politicians, life's basic needs were taken away as bread, housing much more ..

politicians do not have love, human emotion. family members, love them for their money. this is no human values, such as factory managers, no one. is not so much that they are a billionth of bank accounts, they reject women took the money. not even close-up of a quality that was us for free. Yes, but false belief aired half of the EU, Hungarian refugees ... well, here. As I buried Hungary, Miskolc, as Alen Delon Europe. It was a job is not very good, but it was. if you want to party in the evening, I called a girlfriend, he was always in the Phonebook. if not, I went looking for a new one. if I wanted to drink a beer, and there was no money, they invited their friends, and then I will return. it is not true faith, help me .. I have not had as much of a slice of bread and a bed somewhere to sleep. I had a complex due respect, successful on all fronts, financially it is not so .... what politicians, secret services have done it straight to a vile fraud, a lie. Destroying Europe, people were beaten to cheap, stupid mob, drive in, their liking. exterminate, the beauty, value, instead igenytelen pig-works report. This was genocide. Hague Court tema ... just Halga everyone. Well, do not Listen. We have once worked for the existence. Please return, but not a Hungarian fascist oprszägban, but also in Europe. Pay the money ... house, car, cash. the women are destroyed and that replacing a very fair that we can all be taken into waste money NÖT cut off. When a normal society, and perhaps will be again a normal ... ..
where women are not a result of violence or money as a dog, doing szexualöis connection ,. but to rise above the happiness towards them, and you will be happy ... that EVERYONE TAKE ACTION; To re MAKE SUCH world; THIS IS BECAUSE EVERYONE interested in :::
If your loved traitorous politicians, government employees or family, is presented to the diplomatic corps card, they respond to it that as the Lethal Weapon film The Negro detective, when I showed him a fascist, and diplomatic immunity, To which he responded. currently suspended, and shot. can not be otherwise harmful ... it looks.

in the world and will come again, when everybody who deserves re-cars, will be in his own house, and his girlfriend, I'm awake girlfriend melett up in the morning, not a frozen one Wien, needed putriban, where most people are despicable, malicious, because it is the only Ebert feeling which left them ...







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(Gerry-.dr. kovacs, 2017.01.05 16:37)

I'm sorry, but all your fault. this man destroy the mafia. Hungary is an all or vienna. in the street women carry out the cull ... normal? this man was both the quality of her life ... I'm en ur Kovacs, and protests were organized against them, but if things do not välltoztatnak. Here are a few links, please see ...

as a verb language immediately välltoztatast:
1, electronic technician immediately to position this man. non-electrician
2, you can get beautiful women, hire her apartment, where they can be undisturbed. no where.
3, the Hungarian state to pay compensation, the two apartments, garage confiscation against the German police to take her new car, because there have been ruined.
for four, fraud committed to the detriment of the Pay Damages in the section of the Hungarian state, because when they took all their possessions ....

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