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medical fraud









Medical fraud
I maladministration, fraud committed by stone by doctors in Germany removed.
Gerischain next Lepzig worked, and I got a normal, accident at work, the company said .... broken, but not to register, he was not paid to the patient's insurance. Ausburg, the doctors found a surgeon .... but missed patients without insurance is valid ... then, when I was not operated on to her house, but even there I got an allergic disease .... Then they wanted to look stupid because they refused to treat allergies or hernia, and I wanted phszihés problem, let the hernia .... Wurzen city was at the house .... They are in league with the company, the job and the accident hushed .... also the company sick pay is not paid .... This is a serious fraud ... It was a good job, but not perform heavy physical work several weeks ... but normal, professional, electronics, computer professionals, I can work in, it is not hard physical labor .... even a good knowledge is ... the Wurzen at home I'll sue where there was a Hungarian doctor, he told her what was wrong, but the German doctor, or intentionally deceiving him, wanted for fraud, accidents at work, which were the hospital and it is cheating .... ..


only mentioned phszihés I've never been sick due to allergies .... But I was wrong 150 cases in Germany and the doctors were not able to find what the reason ... a Hungarian doctor to be found there .... because every doctor wants to treat the patient as my area of ​​expertise, often do not even care about the doctor what the patient complaints .... but it was a clever doctor, who cured the appendix .... and other good doctors, but the Doctors are more Hungarian ... Switzerland .. But then the best doctors of the Hungarian ... Of course, not all, there are many corrupcio Hungary, medical malpractice