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migracia from balkan ost europe

1, why have migrations ost europe?

-normalle migrante kommen from mafia or groven teror

-others no migrante, they want no job...   first bkategoray only migrante others kategori Cockroaches, Family


People say, things the police do not understand. Of course not. They will be in Budapest organized crime. all ku'rva fiztet given to the police. a drug addict tits fucked ... I levels in Austria, Germany level. The police ruined in the Auto. The apartment is robbed strong. While they are the melett payment, which was produced by the taxpayer, billions have been dumped mafia pocketed the proceeds .. Logically, ruined, we can also answer Sunday. or not required to be a policeman, his mother fucking go homeless because they do not understand each other anything, the stakes against people .. most important step in our societies, the mafia, ruined lines, which is a part of the police. so every police action, prosecution, and social supervisory framework. not a man moved allithasson policeman, prosecutors AT ANY TIME. Subtract the German and Austrian policemen bereböl, Artan of new car sales, as they were not willing to investigate who did it to ruin. Miskolc police, the väsäroltassanak, they have two new apartments, because it was and had once earned it. All the police officers, breasts, SLIDE, one civilian control group who controls the action ,, each step. their private lives, because the whores, the money collected in their free time. and society wastes, it will be good to existence which caused me harm, a'nnak tidying up their work revenues 90% spend at me, not the policeman taxes. Mafia money ... everybody, all the civilian people have the right, report it. me share in every police station, one police officer, one civilian control. The prosecution, pedigh immediately bocsajtsa away by corrupt police officers. If European authorities are not willing work together in a particular fascist countries like Hungary, with immediate effect, exclude beuropai Union ... so will end this organized bnünözes .. we ask for help, the UN, CIA, FBI, US government , chinbai Detective agencies, non-governmental public forums, Ban Ki moon, human rights Ambassador, all the prosecutor's office, human rights groups, human rights lawyer, you're a lawyer, european Union Parliament, european Union, european Commission, european Court of Auditors, OLAF, a country's parliament, Court of human rights, civil representation and self-cel .. people in a normal society building, mafia, drugs, hookers and without. these if you can not have shot through out the ranks, a elmegyogyintezetben, or between a prison walls, but semmikepp not in society ... What people pay our taxes, the police what is for them, not protected against whores, not drug mob to be treated, but also normal like me, in order to protect people. if it does not work that way, kicking off with immediate effect. and if, as Budapest, there is a suspicion of an organized crime control throughout the country, effective immediately kicked out of the country, the European Union .. Hungary several forums has proven reasons will not accept migrant, do not give up Hungarians are not willing to cooperate with Europe .. but so typical of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Poland, Slovak state, just because they are smaller ... draw a responsibility of the Hungarian state, citizens kirablasaert fascist Tore kidney garden, organized bunozesert. ... In Western Europe we have plenty gran .. I check a lot of cockroaches parasites who do not work with just refugee and lazy ... vienna other cities or give them to eat. send home with immediate effect, in Hungary or whose mas oprszagban has property or income ... azonali force. and use this money to spend, the actual refugee or political or mafia as a refugee to en .... and co ..


Excuse me, but how solidaritasrol spoke at ertenkrendrol, a rundown of Central Europe Balkani city in as Vienna or Budapest, where the thief cheated genetic Handicapped folks have been stolen, and that money whores buy, robbed hand, even destitute, and get it out of the kind of european intellectuals. Six to exterminate. msotani the wealthy, therapy Who angle. initially. this means alusta lousy folks, cars will be equipped with mkinden corner than what the police did to me, because a failure fascist chin. Now get back. every normal person, add 1 kg. angle, and throwing off the main traffic points ... and less time is and money to book more valuable species, pests, and money to monks, and so the poor are intelligent people, more will be able to get acquainted and make money monk, mjig the genetik run race, just around the corner .... love of cars to start. free, a law has not changed.


A mappában található képek előnézete betrug, diskriminirung, idiot people


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