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migrations minister

1-2 is a job that alapkövetelmenye that these people were killed MAR, sadistic animal, vermin or cockroaches type, and only when the score gets ... such a decision, the police captain, or prime minister, or all of Hungary Driving cabs ... but the minister is leading ... Organizacion kept secret, but it is likely there is an ulterior motive, en extermination of the species. Since I was smart, beautiful, educated, I am, I think, so threats to the parasitic, vile people ... right regen when the genocide was a crime, csaucseszku, the Serbian state and hägfa Court has, or NEP was executed today ... not. All of the Hungarian hospital director, cull doctor working in a private house edge. The whole world tudjas, fraud has been committed, but not in this prison ... the Miskolc together judges, police officers who eltusoltäk the apartment robbery, theft of all his property ... this is not prison, is working to further regen ... who would have to carry out to the east, the all Hungarian driver, all office is headed because parasites cockroaches, a mafia leader, but the leadership of the european union, did not bring its laws in the european union ... Hungarian puppet leadership of the government, which sees fascism, genocide, when at all ... why do I need them? If you do not fascist leadership of the union, when certainly impose serious szankciokkal ... fine in Hungary, and legal approaches theorem. close the prison, all Hungarian forensic experts who produced fake documents ... every Hungarian, whose apartment is in Hungary, impose luxury tax, which the refugees who have been looted, foreign domestic participate in the Union, owned ... .


A mappában található képek előnézete nazi teror. essen nicht frei und sie muss staffe.



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