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nazi főhrer, her Landau Caritas fuhrer in wien

often I scolded not afford. but the manner of places you can diakone Caritas of companies. ... For a long time alone in a room. just became so vile inhalation by the Austrian Die ... qannyi into direct conflict to the leadership of Caritas Balkani do not understand or deliberately doing that Tenko now you want to kill ...


please help. but immediately. A malicious, because a policeman. Wien West Bahnhof, a policeman. He refused to denounce dear. against the mafia who poisoned again. I am at loss of life. szadiztak night in the hospital. I could not lefekődni not sleep a minute. Today I can not be patient to lefekődni. not because of the Caritas director Ozlem.  me a drug addict and an alcoholic csécselektél sucks alakoktol ésszegezve the mafiátol. or endanger life. I know and from whom these vile vienna city to help either.


Wien Triester Strasse run Caritas ghetto where word of mouth is out of wherever she went. They talked to the people in a whisper. Hungarian Grappa.   They will kill me. do not leave alone. éngyilkos while I will not be. You can not kill off or lie down to rest for a minute because it definitely is not immediately stolen everything that was 3o years of hard work .... testabol put it up this fascist Vezer Landau images. and we ask all people. who revered nature. The music. the culture. sport. tértenik me something. die or get sick. live it. Finish off the very Mr. Landau. whose fascist organization. Tebbe thousand euro bills in a kinzásomra. but I have not received one euro from them. but one night I could not sleep through 3-4 hours more. the 1o hours of sleep would szőksegem.


This despicable people created the most ruthless Mafia. Caritas name. no joke. ésszes the artists direct channel from heaven destroys it. all of which are more valuable than itself in the system with an operator Hitler and Himmler. Everything is beaten destroy the primitive reality. zehesseg the money. this man to kill the children. all to the assets leave the church. Kills smile. love. everything that I understand the world. the grappa. ERE is not no shit Gypsy folk. senkiket alcoholics. csécseleket primitive. they give. Sizes of primitive shapes the spiritual and energy clean csécselek needs help.

It'll be the killers. We can not tolerate the human species has fallen behind kilometerekre lice crowd ... Her Landau army. Austrian police are corrupt likely to cover up if you want to kill me. but do not let it slide. Suicide want to chase. and those who lived under the Enkplatz. And yesterday poisoned. Ask your horizon is also ...

I urge everyone. Such vile crap nothing to force people who are like vienna cigany Balkan capital city. Do not give them anywhere in the home. If you have money you do not mind. Each member of the mafia shit ... do not force anything Gypsy race only. Jett people from anywhere in the world. Do not be received. The beggar rugjanak into a big one. rather than give him money ... and to abandon all business ties severed at the Vienna city ... if you have a good feeling. When normal people jéjjén to AUTO. and take me out of here immediately. I mig ....

Do not buy from Vienna city not to resort to the services and gifts semmikepp not be sent to the mafia for up ...



A mappában található képek előnézete Hitlers grouppe monitoring , we get my money



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