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Neutron bomb proposal, Vienna and European cities

the attached photos showing where the Balkan mafia hidden Asil helfen ... where is written, there is not money to be given, but a hand grenade thrown europa .. ... they destroy all the Caritas social stelle and refugees are criminals .. well .. the bottom, do not force anything gypsy folk bett ... now Winz. is a Polish alcoholic, and 5 degrees in the room or en ... because an alcoholic patient constantly dirty gypsy woman ... but the boss frau air, do not put out on the street, where these gypsy feel good, the mob adapt to european quality ... today. On the streets of the place is dirty igenytelen of Roma ... other a Hungarian gypsy struggling, Vienna City in the facility because it is nyugdijj Hungarian, Austrian unemployed people benefit, income összeszenb Euro 2000 en .. he thinks I'm a dirty, because they can not get the mirror watch because so much misery, man ... the world is a parasite, it does not look kindly on him ... but ... Vienna is home to propose a neutrombomba drop, Vienna city ... what I need is car-house, so the I will. you do not need a cockroach people, is dying out. I urge the EU will lead us together, and to European citizens väsäöroljanak a neutron bomb and take out all migrant ... will be re-quality, culture, beautiful women, do not flee from ... MARION Hilfer normal, I also we get a plane ticket, while off-exterminate the cockroaches. I'm sorry, I'm myself now ... I have to do a elettteret tömegszälläs the elettterem, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian mob Balkans. only an increase in the Octo, but not the Balkan mob. just throw it down on the neutron bomb, Vienna egymafia city. it deserves ..


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(peter, 2017.01.09 19:42)

yes.. ja... igen. Sandor dombovari, zoltan Honti, Gabor szabo, Laszlo szabo, laszlo viatorisz, jozsef szedlak, tamas gal, csaba haläsz, und 100 mensen weis... wo ist normälle mensen leben, da lebens qualität höhe... als Miskolc, Basel und 1-2 secret stadt... ja, frauen name incorrect gebe dir... und 4-5oo frauen auch weis.... össterreich, deutshland dises qualität habe keine. dises frauen besten szexy all, und klug, und nicht geld von kaufen, als hier.- össterreich, deutshland, nur fet oder hures leben. das nationaliti tragewdi, aber 1 hures, egal afrikaner, oder amerika gebe geld, machen kinder szex... und nexte generetion alles anderes genetic... aber ungarn ausgemacht europe...