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New World Order

mar priesthood in history is a lot of war exploded, hope this development is not going to end World War II. because the new world order, certainly not like the Russians, USA, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Slovak, Polish, littvan, and many Eastern European countries to the European Union's leadership ... they are small, 100% of the priests in out-extermination, Central and Eastern European intellectuals. like me, they do not give him to eat ... euopaban first-class citizens in western Europe. the priests and hike towards the European Union, in Eastern and Central Europe to the continent mas arrives, Arabic or Negroid people because they give them for free, eat, 2 years live in free, and it gives them income of 800 euros. EUR 0 me the income , Socio an organization does not help the people on Eastern and Central Europe. Caritas specializes in mas a continent from a migrant, or Negroid and other Arabs, the Eastern European side lift.

Usa is no good eye watching this, it is interested in bars, Europa Crippling if it can be better than this. US population of 250 million, the European Union, 640 million.

So the US the world's leading power, as in the US, darling, money buys in the world, smart people...

In the European Union, and exterminate them out of the European intellectual...

We hope there will be a 3rd World War, but if you will, I will blow out of the priesthood,  and the European Union leadership, Organizacion program.


I, as EU citizens, Vorarlberg, Austria, or schweiz, 4 days for free with accommodation can be, in a ghetto. who built me and taxes in Europe.

a black who was involved not in Europe, 2500, days can be free, sleep, eat...

The Caritas, working directly in the 3rd person haboruntasan world, and are already being deployed, a black mercenary soldiers.



A mappában található képek előnézete nazi stelle, migrante mafdia



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