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Lichtenstein best primitive country. village nestled between two mountains. schweiz, convict colony. all forms of fraud or embezzler, or drugs, money laundering or any other living man in it. to escape with no authority. the other peasant farmers. Schools do not have in this country. House is a cultural, not a restaurant, there is not a large village. In Romania, most resembles the csaucseszku iejeben when I disinfected everything ... the primitives women, people freak. Money is not frank. but the people concern, payout of 10 francs. a ridiculous country. 70 meters from the country's most-windier points. schweiz while the man, cultured, intelligent, educated, generous, until they are, primitive, petty ... a terrible country.

This country, Europe parasites, small leeches, and Austria and European schweiz body. One man is not from this country, our testabol. Romanian, and Bulgarian, migrant workers in dirty, cleaned the roads. these Romans, a level close to people like those who live in this country. Toothless, professional job, homeless people, the ticket inspectors on buses. terrible




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