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... a few words about the city. Hungary, Orban Since when in power, Orban Baba and the 40 robbers cigany, ever since Hungary it is not worth anything ... anything. the forint is not worth as much as 100 years, the lira. inhabited by mobs in Hungary. unlike incompetent mob.

Vienna 20 years ago .... It was a beautiful city. Today, Balkan Fovaros. vienna urban problems is to get 20 euros. Switzerland after-throwing, but I'm not a beggar, but a difference is what Iraq and US Rep. Wien terrible. dirty. Largely uneducated, cheap mob ... nothing is working there labor force. Of course these companies by making those, scrap. Wien felzarjkozott Bucharest, Istanbul, level. Vienna, Zurich 400 km was rough, at least for today is 500 000 km .....

Germany. Lazy people of no parasites. It can destroy them did. all work for peanuts abroad mob. nagyreszenek of skilled workers, 99% for baccalaureate holders do not know. This is a rating as if en gyaramban, mental patients to produce academic halls solidaritasbol .. you just take it. ... I worked as scrap electrician. an electrician no school leaving certificate. they are working in Germany. Six shit all. It looks like a gnawed bone. the state struggling with liquidity problems, hitelkeptelen Germany. why? lazy because sex work. Here it is. a meal can not be created. In all women, it is worth nothing, bloated, ugly. The men alcoholics. Now you have an income, they are 5 years more. followed by the throat, so roman. give them nyugdijjat or gazkamrat, but they deserve because of a malignant NEP.

France. French nice man. Helpful. because I do not speak French well, it is not too much info, but positive NEP, a little sick to stand financially, but it is not a shame, poor man, the shame of someone stupid or genetik run.


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