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or Europe......

or European leadership wants to exterminate European intellectuals, and artists layers, or is it billions migrcio to EU representatives corrupcio pocket .. .. but this vile thing, what Europe is doing. Values are devastating, all-out worthless.


Westeuropa joke: why so much violence in the neighboring property 3x a different street than yours .... answer is across the street, there is no refugee hostels Caritas .... no ...


2o comparable worked in Hungary, 5 years in Germany. Now O euro of their income as a dirty shit junkie who has never worked. Neger children and the Presenter beautiful school building ... these can only be a creeping worm can gypsies, so vile and unjust. Only a worm damaged rat who is worthless as a piece of crap. a gypsy.



i wás write letter for USÁ presidemt...


pleáse áll people help mi.... ​

President of the American people. and the White House employees of.

Dear Mr. President.

MIB George Busch Ur l US President, for me it was very good things. in
Hungary. It was a righteous life. who worked like me, he lived well.
President Obama, was fair. i hope itself. IN EUROPE you, today, no apartment,
no home, no nothing
. President Obama stated for Ebony, the worthless work. The white man,
hatter into district, a new world order emerged in Europe. 1 ranking in the
western European people. 2, ranking the Negro and Arab refugee 3
ranking in Central
Europe, the intellectuals. (Like me). me any help no, European aid
the total aid organization, Arab and Negro, other foldreszrol Jott provides
support to refugees.
these people, 2-3 years, will receive free care, school meals accommodation,
children today brought the Negro in Arabic, en payment of taxes
.They do not give me to eat, or a putry, homeless shelter for a couple days.a
homeless shelter, meets a Negro man or an Arab members who lived in a
thatched hut, but my health is damaged.  the negro, and Arabic is the en
foldreszemen what I built a better, gets more than I do. On the other hand,
there is the fascist Europe Company policy does not give me a job.  they
want cheap labor, it is a good Negroes, Arabic or Roman. Inexpensive, training,
without labor. European manufacturing half, produces scrap. scrap labor-
waste facilities. all very bad quality. Europa holds half of the gap.
this is no human emotion, family, love. Poverty-looking men than in Arabic,
or European women take the money as a commodity on the market. thus . I
wrote several letters Martin Sulz urn, but nothing changes. this is a
species-by-extermination. artists, intellectuals and off-extermination. Only
you can change this if you have a fair and strong man like George Bush.
The world today is US zip, everyone knows it. America was fair, but the last
8 years, not.

I am 3 sides by strong attacks. in Eastern Europe, barbaric States, as
Roman, Bulgar. these are primitive, barbaric people. terorista the Arab, the
Negro at different culture. all barbarians. America and Europe, trailed the
same lords and Value-order...

Hungarian state, robbed, and took away all his possessions.
Why not, someone is supporting me, US présidents,
or the White House and the CIA ....
the Health ruin, now stand in this species-by-extermination.
I urge the White House, US President Mr. itself, help me normal achieving
their objectives.

which are as follows:
1, Search similar, artists, and intellectuals met people live in Europe or
America, Canada
2, CIRCUMSTANCES, similar materials, and existential level
3, Normal electro-technical job like yours, or actor is normal payment,
proof of existence
Änderung vorschlagen
Ursprüngliche Übersetzung ansehen
4, put me on the state protection and can protect against the mafia as
schweiz, or French, or German, or Hungary, who do not give up, but when I
travel out for food, not to die of hunger, punish the train to avoid jail
time,and a country knows establishment.
Everywhere persecuted by the State, should not be anywhere in your
family or
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What follows you. You have food. Italy church. Caritas is not. the other did not. French 1o euro, but for the whole year. distributes. EU representatives you .. eur -Month 25, 2 ... 23 eligible give your name ........ much too generous peoples resumes. French-ROM, siblings, Gypsy ride. Italian is dark ..


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All European PARLIAMENT Hungarian MEP 2o years in prison, the leaders of relief organizations, summary executions ... the merits of the Hungarian government employees also ...