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polizei, szocial mafia





I'm tired of getting that surveillance is unlawful. tracking and looking at it, I can do myself, vitamins purchased and mast to be patient. They recruit women to keep me human, establish a connection. I blocked all fundamental human rights. I write again to write defenders organizations. dolgoz6zon the fucking police, and socio mafia, it has a normal job and accommodation, and auto and girlfriends. ruined in the car, I do not want it, work for it again, take one. this bitch is a lot of money mafia. go to a salon that State and bought a car.


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(Zoltan, 2017.05.14 13:45)

films aus exterminations.

Click on the link, read it, and go there. Primitive social sphere
employees, not gods who can make decisions on fish and creatures, are
just thunderous thieves. You can go to such a position ... go show it.


(yes, 2017.04.12 15:29)

ossterreich qualität..."hures"

(erika, 2017.04.10 09:36)


(Judith, 2017.04.07 11:46)

yes. you no black color, yours, havent rooms 2-3 years, only 3-4 days. yes this extermination in ausztrian


(Erika Novny, 2017.04.07 11:45)

Feldkirc caritas 9-12.00 open. but yourr 11.30 close. yes. this is 1 social mafia.. no help grouupe...


(Petra Vogel, 2017.04.07 10:38)

yes. yours egzistenz first.. corrupcion, national nazi teror, in europe... please People help to Tom.