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Roxy, joker- ex.frend Zoltan

2 was friendly.
Roxy one another Zoltek.
It was that priests asked foods.
Roxy, I decided to go to work. Zoltan does not want to work. he would bark.
I'm curious, is there any truth.
If not, one man will not want to work the land.
Roxy wants existence, and beautiful women.
Zoltan one likes bread and a bed, but that's why you do not want to work.
The primitive Austrian state who wanted to receive primitives such as the Roma, a treatment...

The problem is the inability to Austrian-külömb, athletes, artists or beggars.
The Austrian too primitive. Zoltan, would work the same number of chances, but he expects other work instead. it's also a good scrap. I have quality, dee it can work for you. migrant 97% such as Zoltan. and everyone gets a slice of bread mold..  organizacion video:

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