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schweiz girls

schweiz girls...


Europe, young women in a terrible state. no matter fat pig, so I do not live there, the men, however, there has been a good professional and a good job, but the fascist German police and women in trouble. austrian women, laughing nations, terribly run-down and needs without them. Hungarian women, money Rags event space, 80%, and therefore are worth nothing. the women schweiz, Zuerich, beautiful and smart, and intelligent too. I met a lady bank teller, beautiful and smart. regeiokent valltoznak women. Southern region, inhabited by Italian cities, the status of women is terrible. ugly and I are talking like a pig a pig-ol, when they quarreled for food. On the one hand, the French women are beautiful. but terribly it can be utilized without it. terrible. All-stand bark of who has money. It operates purely on commercial basis in love, both in English bitch. Do you sell your body. They are not worth anything. the body has been only a traitor who does not achieve anything. Of course there is certainly no exception. but I have not come across someone, except in Zuerich. but Zuerich terrible social care, living in a tent in the main square of the city people. schweiz shame this world before, it does not foldresz where they live Satori, neither Africa nor the 3rd world, anywhere. Custom schweiz. Very few igyenyes and beautiful woman. terrible world. Helpful and only the man who looks good, and smart, all the other injured people, like all misery across Europe malicious, vile scrap. I'm not a Nazi, I never have been. but slowly should be a just Hitler who rejects people connected successfully make it permanently, and values ​​develop human values ​​based ... A lot of people say, really should be a Hitler half, strong handed leader, but not the Jews or species eradicated, but, the vile people, vermin, cockroaches, and malignant primitive people. Hungary had a much better quality of the country, for 20 years, as Europe anywhere today. Everything was quality, and today Europe every scrap. Of course. America's leading states of the world, because there's valuable people will be paid. Europe by out-disinfects. Here, this is a waste .. The majority managed to participate in the race-off-extermination program. but now I really need is a Hitler, who referred to exterminate.



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