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The quality of life!

The quality of life!

The quality of life or the destruction of the 3 basic things you need to watch ....

1, as an owner, what possessed property, and has now?

2, human freedom, movement, quality of life in the area, lived at what level, what the possibilities were, and are they now?

3, the quality emberi..Milyen friends, surrounded how things could ask them feel good and what level of man himself?
And friends, what kind of beauty and other qualities were important, and you have what the quality of today's women ... If there is, I do not ....

The 3 thing, it is clear from malicious fascist Miskolc court when he spoke forcibly to my life, knew the animal is unbearable causes deterioration of quality, it is also likely to stop going to die .... So the word fascist, just ... . Because afasizmus word means, by force, a species be written ... In my case this happened, only more subtle means, but the end result is the same ....
Therefore, I demand of the Hungarian state, returns, all my wealth, 2 house, car, apartment, and naturally compensated for the wrongs committed by the fascist manner the stone taken away ....



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(roxy-joker, 2017.05.15 09:11)

junge girls, i help for tom

(secret, 2017.02.24 21:22)
Hi, I diminish one canister of gasoline and 1 liter engine oil when beginning LABB four-stand, and rear-love you


(polizei , 2016.09.09 10:38)

wien Qualität. zimmer. romanishe mensen gestollen, Ungarn halbe idiot, anderes moglichkeit habe keine..... gutes Qualität. als 1 Balkan Hotel alles. kostet frei essen 99% Toxin alletrgen material. das wien. das wien Mafia... ich glaube fill Business men will 1-oder-2 Cent inwest nach wien... normalle land organizations moglichkeit als schweiz, nur Afrikaner, China oder arabic mensen haben. voundebar welt gemacht herlich Barack terorist Obama. wo ist Amerika da, krieg, oder teror, oder economic wek, oder nur genetic defekt mensen....


(xy, 2016.08.05 19:27)

Ungarn war in 1980-2005 zwissen in europe 2. Hohe qualitat land. Schweiz und ungarn ...jetz ich in wien 1 caritas stelle , aber das 2 tag week. Undiskriminirung europe und ungarn. Mit dir absolute. Und dir in caritas mafia toxin. Deine minarelwasser wekseln , mafia produkt. Das 1 teror!

kreuzwertheim terorr, 6 idiot ungarn und 1 deutsh, in secret

(007, 2015.11.18 16:46)

oh, finally helpers. dear colleague, the German piglet, Ralf opened the szexrényed and swapped out your food. Every Hungarian knows they helped him. any Hungarian friends. his wife works in the mob. if the German police would not be such an idiot to 10 years in prison .... I would not make it to the police, it will take the normal european people .. Besides him, and two are normal and clean up. Skoda msp2p64

niderlandi magyarok

(anty-mafia, 2015.07.17 09:06)

My friend, 5 million Hungarian is stupid! very stupid, because the Magyars in Hungary Hungarian leases the land apartment! What the country where 5 million Hungarians live in destitute? and where solidarity, unity Hungarian? rob-off half of the country's other half! this is democracy?


(Szentmihályi Gábor docens, 2015.07.17 09:00)

The policy can be sokmindenért blame, but people voted for the policy. people who did nothing Hungary! It became an unabashed, parasitic, rich layer, at the cost of 3 million homeless Hungarian,! the middle class disappeared. intellectuals, doctors, engineers working for wages of 500 euros, which pays out benefits as refugees in western europe! a society where there is no middle class, incapable! the rich do not assume responsibility for the poor was because of them, the state has lost its protective form of the people! the Socialists were not saints, but defended the poor! Fidesz unabashed mob consisting of young people, who were given 50 million for social assistance, housing construction, and another 50 million szechenyi credit, was explained by a strong Mafia should be established against western Europe who defend the Hungarians! they do not protect anyone, the poor in Western Europe shall eat. not aid the state gives to the poor. hospitals, public institutions fear everything taken up as payment. governments are billions rather than abolish them. 1 documents would be enough office! it's the truth, you see. I would do the Hungarians, in Hungary liquidate everything and if Europe will eat there all the money should be spent, not in Hungary! and the parasites left behind. Romanians apartment, got a job in Hungary, Hungarians, nothing. 3 million Hungarians became outlaws! very person who should go to work in Europe, and later come back to take power, and regain the fortune of the parasites.


(roxy-joker, 2015.07.17 06:35)

Sopron region, not about values, love, Hungarians összefogásrol service. About billionaire rich people to poor people to sponge can. About lazy rich people to avoid work and enormous revenue gain. It is about rich Hungarians to acquire the poor Hungarians and Austrians of money. He troubled the poor man into force me into it, hate, hate. Because they're rich, but also the love for money is taken. and out-of kills the love of well-being, Hungarians live in love! This is what Sopron region, where the ground does not bear love, only hate, because the rich, hatred sown, and I will also reap!


(roxy-joker, 2015.07.17 06:23)

I have always loved and lived well. 5 years ago while I did not go to Austria. There was also good, I stopped back peresztegtöl tercia not far from the parking lot. stayed in the freshly examined by car, caravan mob vandalized. I got to the hospital. From that point of my life a hell. Anty-Sopron, a Socialist town, full of rich parasites ... lazy to work, live from what others seized. malicious parasites. true, stay in the Austrian isegismerte them, they do not like to give them a job. the stranger in town, honest people, inedible food to give, will make her sick. Sopron has never been a war, while in the East the people working for them. nothing is assumed to be unbelieving, austere folk for the most part. Some of the well-being of young people dead junkie idiot. their treatment is paid adojábol other honest people. Pereszteg primitive mob around me, my whole life has been destroyed. I do not deny many people hate them, and degrade the land. they deserve it, really deserve ...

V ker

(V.ker. onkorm szoc osztaly, 2015.07.16 14:38)

értse mar Meg Juhász or, az egész Magyar social is rendszer, onkormányzat azért van, mi magunkat eltartsuk fizetést kapjunk, erre megy el a raszorultak segélyei, adományok, mi mindent felélunk! mint a korház es ezert van, bêteget gyogyitsanak, ezert az orvosok fizetest kapjanak, Meg a sok 8 alltalanost vegzett novert, valahova berakjuk!


(anty-mafia, 2015.07.16 12:11)

Viktor Orban, the kind of socio-fasista regime, much worse than than the Saddam Hussein regime. It does not have a central head like Hussein, 2-300 but independent alliance Mafia! not quite so cut off one head of the leaders of the regime, but also all the mob boss must be remote. it is more complicated than the Saddam regime. Thus, on a property, this can be explored bosses whose house is 4-5. then you can remove them one by one. Budapest Fidesz-mafia- drug mafia and the political, socio-paid state fascists are quite intertwined together. supreme defense, no one would rent a house in hungary, do not buy food, drugs, and do not work there, not by cooking taxes. thus diminishing their revenues. and depreciation of land. While the names of these people is made available to the inhabitants of the whole world, are not able to escape the stolen money, settle down .. so the corrupcio will rapidly decline.


(OPA, 2015.06.27 22:02)

the thief, the Hungarian fascist party, the better, and the family was the better party Fidesz had the better of the family ... Sopron jail .... the place, the whole thing needs to be visited! jobbik-mafia Miskolc!


(Clever, 2015.06.26 23:01)

Yes! Yes! If, you good life , yours girlfriend (s) , good life, and friends....... If you in Amerika live, you Yetz millionaire!


(y, 2015.06.16 23:28) they want die! killers!


(§, 2015.05.29 00:36)

Mindenkit megillet az emberi mélltóság joga, ez elidegenithetetlen alapjog.. Az emberi mélltóség ősszetett dolog, az ember végzettségének, tudásának, kinézetének, sport és zenei és más rétű előnyeinek egyvelege... igy kűlőmbőzőek az emberi mélltóség megsértésének szabályai, mig egy 8 álltalánost végzett alkoholista embernél, elég az, ha nem tud hová lefekűdni aludni részegen, mig egy magasan végzett ember esetében, vagy egy zenész esetében az is sértő ha azt mondják, te szerencsételen, vagy jó lesz neki egy koszos juk, lakás helyett, vagy neki jó pár űveg sőr, az minden igénye... az emberi mélltóség megitélése maga az ember értékek alapján tőrténik, igy pl. schumaher esetében, ha ajándékba kap egy trabantot, az sulyos sértés, mig egy primitiv ember esetében akár elismerés is, mint kőzlekedési eszkőz....


(Lanfonie, 2015.05.23 02:37)

life long ... so look for a long-legged woman ... if you find, look for the pair, another long-legged woman ... even if it has, find out where it came from, there will be a few more .... Lanfonie


(Amerika, 2015.05.16 07:46)

Tom. The problem of property rights. If you do not give a property, it will have an equal chance, you must take every Hungarian property

Human right defender

(Kovis, 2015.05.12 19:50)

We understand, we're not stupid ... the Hungarian court, assistant prosecutor, police, politicians, and people write it ... went a-tonk, this comes from the ingenious Hungarian, instead you get a Trabant ... It's just the two the quality of heaven and earth ... it was the quality of life today .... and for errors of others .... they are responsible for it, salary and compensation for it, you ...