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THE US Wienna

Distrust of the international peace-reserves, and protect the interests of the people actually oxopentyl torture, human dignity and the values? Undrinkable water, a series of 15 Hungarian authorities committed fraud in court .... Doctors blackmailed the patient sick transport in the hope of taxi drivers, police, background, indulgence ... I trust the work of the truth and the UN up to be disappointed ...



If people do not have luck, you can not achieve anything ..... I contacted the Vienna UN headquarters .... they let security guards and airport screening after bomb found no loading .. Then I could register myself as a visitor or administrator. .. The latter went smoothly in English, although I speak better ..the Germans apparently burly black security personnel were intelligent enough ... I told them about the complaint ... He understood almost completely, though one of them spoke German, so it was better .. . They said this is the only building in particular deals with things, but a clerk to call me to tell him ... Meanwhile, I showed, a Hungarian working there as well. He said there is a phone call ... I called up, ... XY logged enlightened human rights issues, he does not belong to them in other works in my area .... I asked you this, when you can help in the interpretation to be competent enough because I speak English badly .. said no .. Their website, anyone can look at, it is clear, housing, water and other natural tragedy, serious infringement, anyone may Extraordinary them .... you said yes to the UN, but I ask them ... so, why should they write when the website? He said he does not know ... But the Secretary-General for Human Rights, Geneva is, Schweiz said .... I can, and I'm not going to go Schweiz, but that does not really answer my email ... he said ... I can not ask too he said he could give up the title, but it also favors a favor ... ... .... glad to adonkbol what must have been to school and then to college ... What worked for her, that her father stupid, you can add it to family allowance for each of shit , support, schooling allowance, etc .... to get into a work place where Hungarian and distressed citizens can speak .... Our adonkból ... What good-temper ... To make an international organization, role as traitor in, anti-people and the United Nations .., famous for Human Rights has taken serious steps against all people have a say .. I did, in principle ,,, the lady explained to the UN, only liaise with heads of government do something else .... not ... So for everyone understand? If you had massacred Orban, 2 million people have now been incorporated into sol .... But when you Orban, informs itself at the United Nations, or if you are unlucky Fico will take ...

He was an intelligent Meletta Austrian woman is not far away ... At the end of next year saw angry at me ... as if he wanted to move on, but I was wondering ... so timid visitor and to work there .... Yeah ... I went and said goodbye intelligent Hungarian lady added that he can not lefáradni, competent and send message .. Good location .. Walk I stood before the United Nations to smoke a cigarette .... An older woman, was Austrian, spoke to told what was wrong .... .... it a little pale, and said that they really did not your specialty, but give him the letter ... and wait ... He took in, photocopied, and dated, took the letter said .... do not understand but I will forditattni .... I told him not to Hungarian ladies here anymore .... (I spoke) said he was asking the official interpreter of the Hungarian lady .... She asked, did not help, give it to whom? ... And he said no, he was just a clerk ... I said goodbye and went back ...

When you have no luck, and objections to a malicious beast fucked 25 years of work, everything .... Because lazy, or stupid, or just one last one, or someone told him not to deal with it .... These represent us outside. . Everywhere in the EU parliament, everywhere ..... from our taxes, we are not schooled ....... Viktor Orban, not Ferenc Gyurcsány, we taxpayers ....

The UN website on it, is what matters, you may ask for immediate help, read ..... And ask the citizen himself, if you violate the rights of asking for it .... .... And the other question is, if infringement lay down the prime minister takes up about her relationship with the United Nations ... but the fact of the infringement, to be recorded or transmitted to the competent organ 



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US uncorrekt

(polizei wien, 2016.09.09 10:39)

wien Qualität. zimmer. romanishe mensen gestollen, Ungarn halbe idiot, anderes moglichkeit habe keine..... gutes Qualität. als 1 Balkan Hotel alles. kostet frei essen 99% Toxin alletrgen material. das wien. das wien Mafia... ich glaube fill Business men will 1-oder-2 Cent inwest nach wien... normalle land organizations moglichkeit als schweiz, nur Afrikaner, China oder arabic mensen haben. voundebar welt gemacht herlich Barack terorist Obama. wo ist Amerika da, krieg, oder teror, oder economic wek, oder nur genetic defekt mensen....

stopp wien turistik

(retro, 2016.06.03 15:55)

no defend. in wien 1 antysocial, Mafia Stadt, than Budapest.... please turist to house... in weien 5 teror grouppe want make teror Actions.... turist to house.... wien no good town...


(a magyar elelmuszer es viz mafia utolso dobasa, 2016.02.12 05:54)

jobb ötletem nincs. külföldi mafia figyelem. ha magyarorszagon ihato , virus mentes vizet csinalsz, le-meszarolhatod buntetlen a magyar mafia. akik vizmuvek igazgatok, asvanyviz gyartok. a magyar nép, örvendve támogatni fog. a magyar állam, nem képes rá. ha rajongo vagy, tegyel érte! ez a mafia, az immun rendszerét tette tönkre. de a tiéd is veszélybe van. mig ezen urak, a milliàrdokat szàmolgatták. elég. tanulják meg mibe kerűl egy élsportolo, gitár művész, technikus, immunredszer .. nem ér annyit a milliárdos házaik...ugyanis minden asvanyviz egy bizonyos ereket megtàmado gyogszert kevertek, és immunrendszer betegséget okoz, a csapi vizbe meg olyan mennyiségü clor van, feltalálàsakor sem jutott annyi, a hàborus bevetésekben. magyarul szándékos népirtás folyik.. máig.. a bizonyitékot most viszik a wien ensz székházba. öket sem tudják elhalgatattni...meg sok millio embert sem..


(Rody, 2015.07.15 22:29)

the Hungarian State conned the whole world. You are in the East and for the Hungarian mafia for Fidesz, with billions beg, and you do not get anything out of it, that the Hungarian mafia koldulhasson again! Unfortunately, Obama and the EU's silly to torture you paid, instead you have asked. 100 Million Compensation for thee, more can not fool the world. ruined everything, take you by car, a house and open a bank account you insert HUF 100 million. You earned it. and people do not pay more for the mafia, to ask the EU to America for help. it's really social-fascism! ell be taken into account violence of the rich's money and give it to you! for thee, and the existence of it!


(Us-dn, 2015.07.15 20:59)

Socio-fascism in Europe, unfortunately known concept. Fascism is a brutal, extreme branch of the politicians when they smarter, more valuable species, like you, want to eradicate. Here's how the state builds the individual sources of revenue, and deprives rights, so do not give him food, lodging or relationship lehetöség.ezzel consciously wants to eradicate this species ... true. In Hungary, the Fidesz government, healthcare, justice and socio affair organized mafia has established itself with the maintenance of excess labor, ghetto, responsible for all money, rather than those in trouble to spend on creating livelihood. This deliberate fasisszta regime. Hungarians, Hungary leased to the land, house ... and he who produce the wealth of the costs, and you never get it ... Moreover, greater impetus to the institution of slavery, fascism and socio dangerous mix! Fascism álldozatai like you are 500 years behind socially. 4-5 there is no house income from, no car, no values. depending on the system, or destitute, or flee or die. Fidesz 50 people soc-pol-building support, Szechenyi 50 million loan they received their pockets. HUF 30 thousand, the 100-euro allowance denied! this is fascism. require HUF 100 million in restitution to the fascist Fidesz government, because the government persecuted, plundered! minimum HUF 100 million! violence and calls on the world to interfere in the operation of the Hungarian state, no state suverin case of fascism, such as Iraq, afgamisztán ... calls on the UN leadership to send observers to Hungary.


(Anty-terror-agency, 2015.07.07 16:11)

Fascism is the concept of socio when an individual or individuals for the individual outside of its control, do not provide enough money to satisfy basic needs. example if an educated, intelligent man like you can not live on incomes 1800-2500 euros. some social-fascist groups, institutions lure of income, begging for money on the false assertion that it is spent, but instead the money is spent on themselves, take out a subscription, they maintain institutions and those in need will receive almost nothing, not even the elementary needs We can meet ... like food, sleep, freedom of movement, relationships, work, decent income ... so does the entire Hungarian social network, socio mafia ...


(eu, 2015.07.04 20:44)

God is the fucking shit Hungarians! out to combine all of them in Europe. They do not give him to eat, no place, no sports, no culture, no women, completely destroy your health! it really is a sadistic fascist dictatorship ... We will now indicate the EU's management, legal sanctions against Hungary take it! Today we have seen in Budapest in person ... is emaciated, barely able to go, his face is ... to crush indicate Europe's leaders, the Hungarian EU to any value ... it should not be entrusted to a parasitic, corrupt fascist dictatorship! he was a rider, when 20 of the world there are people who can stand in one place, it is among the world's top 500 guitarists, electrical engineer living in Hungary .... Western European Federation!


(y, 2015.06.16 23:26) they want die! killers!