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Watch out. Fascist toxic.

Watch out. Fascist toxic.


no lead singer fascist, police, corrupcioval, lead singer of service secret-fascist forces, poisoning the public to give, location and courses to our gran much. It causes many migrant is terrible, but it's a fascist, whose name lousy Gypsy "this is the worst. lousy Gypsies, about the wursaft ministers, with its shops, and produces no small sum, antibiotics, or even virus containing compositions instead of the normal. -titkos a cop-fascist Post service, which is poisoned with us, and let us cut the population. cop never sick, never rotus kreuz mafia applied. this can only eliminate terorral. toxic return
Give poisoned food, paramedics, police officers and other public employees fascist. or leaders of aid organizations. semmikepp not pay or give me space criminals aid organization. If a migrant sympathetic, give her a hand of money, but the mafia ass euros O .... A friend of Zoltan Mozcan, revealed that the Red looking, recommended to him of money when you replace the normal water poisoned, viral-water . Such people are killed on to commit crimes. Try that. Do not give me the mafia, for, money.
Recent socio frieburg the mafia, and the zuerich rotus kreuz poisoned, viral water. If possible, help. Toxic me to work there for. Send money to a lot of idiotic; It has all the employees; Primitivo EMPLOYEES TAKE UP: It must be achieved; THESE PLACES social -GETTO; MIND closed
IN EUROPE; Wherein i) LYEN social; Getto institutions are; THERE HOME residents; EL-th worthless: Instead, the social Salaries; Should be distributed; The RA human in need was addressed and resolved the Gett:  EUROPE; A NOBLE FOLDRESZ: DE AL PROPERTY manipulated financier; FALSE social assistance; But in the meantime homeless GYARTO institutions; Europe; Pissing: Bundle; And help; ME IMMEDIATELY obtain JOBS: THESE POISONOUS The Gypsy folk; CHARM


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(Alexander, 2017.03.30 18:02)

you know what, okey. We give everyone who is in it and carry out. A rat is the animal world is a filthy, disgusting, crawling worm. student RAERO people. Put yourself. Put Europe. ird enumeration of kornyezetedben if you live in one.