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what I want.

what I want.

En not want non-total-mixed, any poor people. I have a friend, I have no intention of working, p wants to make a living from what they aid organizations. no quality, no girlfriend, no. I do not. I want to work with accommodation is normal, and normal jobs. High quality food to eat, drink, baratnokkel beautiful, love-handed than in my whole life. go everywhere and cars. more difficult is a good professional, but schweiz, very vile country, the Hungarian-out despicable, Austrian level, Germany can not go back. Due to legal issues. so should a country where getting a normal job, and existence, and after everything else that I listed.



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(Petra, 2017.03.30 14:15)

We looked on the website and in the movie. very good. There really is okay if schweiz, Austria or not made a good film. this primitiveness that country. This means, unfortunately, money is taken men to women, least in large part. it s terrible. But there is a layer of people who do not. na find them. good movies and get ready Mercedesz work-auto, speeding, 69 beautiful women pose ... because this is a country complain. these social, damn parasites, foreign bodies, schweiz discredit the whole of Europe, too. Let's beat, so do not be.


(Armiu, 2017.03.30 13:30)

I'd rather stay in, near regions of Germany. sex intelligent, smart, something strong. French, a little gypsy mutation, the Italian normal, but a terrible derelict, Spanish is the only girl beautiful. the British, Belgian, er something. only the German police, however, the fascist


(Claudia, 2017.03.30 13:26)

It's amazing, do not force anything people want to give you a place among us who have alltalanos 8 schools, primitives, own and have nothing to eat for themselves. Therefore we are na we will also protest. Human dignity is a right, read it. and aztb mean everyone, knowledge, education and age are, properly, existential and social situation should be created. not met idiots or criminals met.


(Helga, 2017.03.30 12:59)

that can be a sneaky friends, tell us which one drinks, food take disease causing agents. Do you see it in a sneaky little bugger. find a girlfriend.


(Rita, 2017.03.30 12:55)

you little idiot. I believe, you better have a friend, but to sleep together in a such an idiot. ... to look over this man seems like the state lack basic norms of behavior, primitive, eating, sleeping, kakal like an animal and so is your demand. with only yourself to maturity. You did not realize Bern, Zuerich, the girls love to just be nice to them, and invite them in. you deserves much more than this. the man has got nothing because everything eldoballja, refer to the people, thrown away everything for nothing you are not careful, it is not nothing ever worked out, so do not give him anything. go alone, when they give you. you're a good guy you are, you will find, beautiful women. I know that your heart is, but do not regret at all the idiots. suffer if you're not, they would not give him up because primitive. find a girlfriend. This is a malicious man.


(petra, 2017.03.28 12:01)