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where the gypsies, you coward rat? You can be a primitive, or Gypsy, but I did not ..


klick the video....


a gypsy who is put to death, will be honored in Europe. it's just a lousy Gypsy, not man. a gypsy rat, like her mother, who could take the corner Bark money. no one would track down, if its a rat cut his throat. only murders people, criminal ......


to me, it is much more killed in a gypsy.
a gypsy mother worked as kurvay the corner. Anyone can take them away. Maybe your mother is that your ears halgatsz tail between his legs like a rat or a dog, where the gypsies? you can be proud of men's, like a rat, which remains there and throw you like a dog ... where the gypsies? or so off, all year long, all the people will give you food scraps, you coward rat ... where the gypsies?
Only the Gypsy parasites upon you, you idiot coward ...


A mappában található képek előnézete wien gypsy



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(Valentina, 2017.01.11 19:27)

Fuck the fucking gypsy, and poor people. Fundamental rights are blocked, sexual relationship, ...... I have a right. Europa is next door ... the more intelligent man than I tit dirty!
it sent the gypsies on the street, do not enable them making love. but the Gypsies will fall .. not a lot of time ..... live your life ...

die strasse hures, in wien strasse.

(peter, 2017.01.11 17:42)
du anderes qualität suchts.... yes