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wien caritas, social balkan, gypsys, drug mensen, genetik muhl, hures......

Wien quality. 6o% of city residents abroad. Education of the population is under 88% Schulle ground. : Idiot. 92% women in prostitution direct. just fucking there. The men 9o% alcoholic, drug addict, impotent, possessed both legs to claims 3 no normal woman. Men are more similar Notredame a guard tower as a man ...  this people 2-4ooo eur(3odáys) ... my O euro.... máfiá gypsys towm....




this is



just to get out of the ghetto in Vienna, who is studying European culture. who does not will be in trouble next year will be the fourth of its budget for the Caritas .... because people do not give them ... they do not want the Balkans ...






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