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wien hures finish

The well-furnished fascists in your country like Austria, can not get no, sex life because of the fascist rich lords, money purchase. en the Health and destroyed. no sex, love, normal accommodation, work, nothing. enough. Seeking teroristakat who beat austrian women, tortures that can experience what cause ... please come Wien, 1-1 and beat hookers.. we make 1 good worlds... We want justice. it is legal does not go .. this man ruined the women who organized turned against him to exclude the tarsadalombol. My life has been very evil .. all free women. set fire to the hair, flat, raped, everything ...violence, violence is the answer. it's people lived in love. Only Austria, unable to love. and if I whacked women, they would like to learn... .it is a terrorist, what,,, these vile women .. they did it in an organized society of the excluded .. and then put me back now,


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(Peter kroniik, 2016.11.15 14:01)

wien gearbeit als ost eutrope hures... wien frauen 99% billege hures, qualität ohne. wien euriope balkan haupstadt