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wien jetz. was will ich!

1-2 should clarify things in people. I'm not that good because this city vienna, European Aeronautic now-rundown city Vienna. I'm here because I could not find anywhere else fixed accommodation and jobs. Anything but this is changing. I care only what I want .:
1, Normal Country
2, or actor is normal electronic technician job, more difficult for me.
3, normal people around me.
4, beautiful girlfriend, as always, and was smart and not be taken into rags money than what they wear on the street. they cull the bottom, I do not force anything rags.
5 cars. Auto has always been just destroyed. I pay the price of the gypsy folk who have been ruined. It is no coincidence non-Roma wrote.
6, existential, because once you have earned it, and once again he would not, I can not. back-pay back the Hungarian state, money ...
7, the normal szövetsegeseket objectivesthe. My goal is that I want to, there is another for whom this is the purpose, let's get together. but the goal, I will not go in a different direction.
8, a true friend. intelligent man.
9, a normal apartment, not a mass-accommodation, similar Wien, Freiburg rejects. It was normal, like my whole life I've been working. Wien able to do so, and then you see it in the wallets of the people, no one will make money investing Wien City, who is here to take my money. So that you will zülleni completely ... if you wanted has been reached. greet the priests, Caritas leaders, Minister for Social, they took the money out of their pockets, I just described in the truth. budapest did the same. Now people living standards in decades, was over 7 years.
10, and peace of mind. No person not want to be dependent, not to bargain with, did not compromise anything. I can do what I want with my life I, who is trying to manipulate you, nasty falls ..


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(wien, 2017.01.07 20:15)

Hungari mafia ... das ..... gestole, idiots... srasse mensen....


(xy, 2017.01.06 19:49)

You forgot sure that the Hungarian state compensation because I deserve, because of the fraud, because of the confiscation of two houses. and the family offender ..