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You're welcome, Roxy Joker artist, electro-technician,  IT, website designer, homepage   personalle data secret data  ich bin 28 jahre alt elektroniker, disegner, actor,,

acrobatic, gitarre virtuoze,,

barby dols fan, lover, humorist....

aber ich in elektroniker arbeit leben, und meine geld, aus elektroniker arbeit haben....


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nazi teror

(xy, 2016.09.20 20:48)

Two countries where difficult it if intelligent man. 1, Hungary, where the bottom of Hungarian folk, primitive, head, vile people, authorities cheats, corrupt, women are selling themselves for money .. another country to Germany. no to the parasite in the world, because it robbed East. The primitive men, women and bloated, do not force anything, men are sick, or malware. leader, corrupt, and parasites. the German state, parasitic whole of Europe, they live well, and other countries ... because poverty is primitive parasites than the state. however, the church, and assists organizations in Germany only decent. schweiz just a real good life, or Belgium, and other countries var again, if familiar, and the Austrian ... get into a malicious, cowardly people, 1-2 respectful exception. No work they did not give me anything ... you win, people abroad, your quality, or schweiz America ... you are not a thief, no parasites, no drinking, no impotent, no disgusting ... it's wrong to german and Hungarian are leading you. Because they are deformed animal, genetic disabilities .... can do about this fucking mother, the genetic Handicapped their father, but they do not know that's human nature, destroys all existing intelligence .... all creatures, which happy or smarter than they are. Orban kidnapped the other 5 million Hungarian money, and Hungary, only 5 million Hungarians, but they are rich, of course, the other 5 million Hungarians there's money ... your money .... 80%
I want you to close the Hungarian and German police segitsenek you ... the people we are trying to do something ... like 1919, 1939, 2016

wien mafia stadt-habe keine arbeit.... normalle, nur swarz.....99% auslander swarz arbeit machen

(polizei, 2016.09.09 10:42)

wien Qualität. zimmer. romanishe mensen gestollen, Ungarn halbe idiot, anderes moglichkeit habe keine..... gutes Qualität. als 1 Balkan Hotel alles. kostet frei essen 99% Toxin alletrgen material. das wien. das wien Mafia... ich glaube fill Business men will 1-oder-2 Cent inwest nach wien... normalle land organizations moglichkeit als schweiz, nur Afrikaner, China oder arabic mensen haben. voundebar welt gemacht herlich Barack terorist Obama. wo ist Amerika da, krieg, oder teror, oder economic wek, oder nur genetic defekt mensen....


(roxy-joker freunde, 2016.07.25 16:50) a szellemi fogyatekos embereknek uzenet, az egyenisegemrol... de ne sirjanak, nem ok tehetnek rola, ok csak genetikai fogyatekos senkik... penmzuk van, vihetik a temetobe magukkal..´esd tok hulyewnek nezem oket, azewrt hajtanak, hogy egy dagadt diszno asszonyt eltasrtsanak, aki rofog az udvaron... hat igen uraim, nem tartom normalisnak a magyar nep 90 szazalekat...azert fizetnmek, amit mads magasabb minosegben ingyen megkap...

wien, wien nicht will turistik geld, ......okey

(roxy-joker, 2016.06.03 21:24)

wien nicht gebe normalle zimmer, arbeit und geld. das bedautet, wien, will nicht turistik und geld... okey. bitte. anderes land besten voundebar.....


(sir, 2015.11.18 22:56)

the fascist German fooled again? I think you got paid less than the Russian mob and Hungarians finished 8 for general? Less? I'm sure you are as skilled workers were hired? They'll buy you a car? You can buy a car? elbaszni it eltudta German. you know your son to buy Christmas presents? We organize some demonstrations in Europe, that's for sure. against the German-Hungarian fascism ...


(xy, 2015.07.27 23:12)

Wirklich eine in böswilliger Absicht, aber nicht die einzige Hündin im gesamten Unternehmen und der ausländischen Arbeitnehmer, parasitäre Ungarn


(B.Peter Istvan, 2015.07.27 23:04)

BBS persönlichen Agentur, Köder, die aus primitiven Lebens Unternehmens. normale Arbeit nicht geben kann, verkaufen Arbeiter Facharbeiter, aber die versprochene Gehaltsvorschüsse nicht bezahlt, weil das Unternehmen Mitarbeiter Elza, vergaß eine Hure alle, oder Ihr Chef hat ihm Geld nicht geben. wie eine schmutzige, abscheuliche Troger Unternehmen nicht mehr. hüte dich vor den ungarischsprachigen Unternehmen, und sie Schraube nur Ihr Geld zu stehlen, sondern auch des Arbeitgebers Unternehmen!


(worksplace, 2015.07.08 15:22)

Curriculum Vitae in German and English, who need a good, guaranteed good service personnel .... or


(y, 2015.06.16 23:18) want die!!! killers!


(Andrew, 2015.06.03 19:14)

Was Machst du in Ungarn? Das 1 fascist idiot land! Vorsiatic du, fasizmus, bitte zofort fahre nach west!


(Gerry, 2015.05.29 15:47)
yes and Ja!


( Gerry, 2015.05.17 03:54)

What did you get in Hungary? just everything taken away from him? you got anything for 10 years? The immigrants, Ukrainian, Romanian, Serbian, many public housing, private housing was a good job. You have driven off without a penny ... it was one Hungarian, who invited me to his house, slept kiagad come for free, drink a beer? It was one Hungarian woman, who is called to love? It was schweiz, was German, Austrian, Hungarian is only 1? You got something for you from the Hungarian State 2 in the house, car stealing everything? Wake up! Gerry British journalist


(Andrew, 2015.05.17 03:17)

use your brain. The Socialists have been work for you, it was your own house, car. girlfriend. Since Fidesz regime is, you got normal jobs have cars, apartments, girlfriend? They do not give you! Maybe you're a good stunt, informatilus genius, good lover, but the policy is wrong. Obama not help you, just stop ... do not be a friend of free Hungary. 20 euro if you only want to take. Miskolc, which Fidesz leadership Sopron, do not they give you ... While there is the built-Mafia you which Europe benefit from it, both Hungarians abroad! s I helped you? No. Europa help but outwitted them. I do not know the Orban regime, Hungarians or more trouble, but only Artame you! 1 Hungarian was also on the ground, who gave me 100 euro? just married, utilization ... Austria, memes in English, Belgian ..... ... but if only one who has given Hungarians say? all just took an organized!


(lantos tom, 2015.05.17 02:32)

What helps America. Viktor Orban and Fidesz's wrong. gained power, and everyone financially ruined ... so you can not be the owner, you do not get a good job ... they do not give ... this fascist regime Orban Hungary....


(Amerika, 2015.05.16 08:06)

We create equal opportunities. or will every Hungarian property, or a property will not be Hungarian


(Amerika, 2015.05.16 07:49)

Tom. The problem of property rights. If you do not give a property, it will have an equal chance, you must take every Hungarian property


(Fans, 2015.05.10 13:46)

Ask for help from the FBI or Europol, too! Witness Protection Program ... And Brussel sue them! I try to help their families, you already know!
And we apologize shenanigans us ...

(Elisabeth, 2015.05.10 13:22)


(Rogen, 2015.05.10 13:21)


( Gerry, 2015.05.10 12:48)

And next? Concert or EU parlament? Or mode-world?